“NFTs have led to an explosion of collectors and art appreciators worldwide. It has democratized art collection. Now, anyone worldwide can collect pieces, whether 1/1s or editions, from their home. It is no longer an activity that is reserved for the wealthy elite. Artists from all over the world have been discovered through NFTs and have had their lives transformed.”


The NFT market is too broad of a term to use anymore. A lot of noise is happening in the PFP world, and at the same time, a lot of real, timeless digital art is being created.

The art side of this space is already merging into the traditional art world, where many traditional collectors see the value of on-chain, immutable provenance. Traditional art collectors are noticing some of the most creative artistic talents are coming from this space because it taps into the creativity of the entire world and geographical barriers no longer confine people.

There is a ton of amazing art in the world outside of the NFT space and there is a lot that traditional galleries do right to promote and support their artists (also plenty of things they do that is not so great as well). Those traditional collectors are also seeing the uniqueness of generative art. Unlike a lot of people who eschew the traditional art world, I think that there is much to learn from the traditional art world. I think the best elements of each side will merge and create an even brighter future for artists in general. NO COOKIE DOUGH HERE

I’m the founder of Art of this Millennium (AOTM), a gallery representing contemporary digital artists we think will have a lasting impact far into the future. AOTM came from the idea that there was a lot that we could learn from the traditional art world and that the cryptoart scene needed a player that would work closely with artists to support their careers rather than simply provide a place to mint. At AOTM, we work with artists on everything from curation to promotion and strategy, exhibitions and sales, and legacy planning.

I collect art from artists spearheading the digital renaissance movement with exceptional work. Many of these are artists that we represent at AOTM. They are individuals who are unafraid to break boundaries and tell stories that resonate far beyond their own lives.