“I think big brands will come into NFTs, and big brands will come out of NFTs.”

Several roles must be filled – from artists to collectors – to keep the web3 ecosystem running seamlessly. OG is a collector, curator, artist advocate, and advisor. He has two projects, makes art, and consults with SuperRare. Community is everything in NFTs, and OG is committed to building a community that represents the best of web3.

“Something pulled me to NFTs – from the minute I was introduced to them by a friend, I simply couldn’t stop.” After engaging with many different communities, he finally found his first home with OSF and the more art-focused projects. “I decided that I had found my best bet, and I bought ‘Dinner’ for 40.42069 Eth, which was a major turning point for me,” he recalls in the understatement of the year.

Before entering the NFT scene, OG worked in professional finance for almost 11 years, then went on to run several businesses for 13 years. “From 2011 to 2021, I ran two companies. One I built into the largest private company in the sector in America with over $115 million in revenue.” He transitioned full-time into crypto after leading an investment in Blockchain Capital’s BCAP fund in 2021.

In late 2021, he started investing in NFTs but was scammed within weeks. “In my first few weeks deploying real capital in NFTs, I got scammed for $30,000 and felt like a real clown.”

Amazingly, that didn’t dissuade OG from leaving the space. Instead, he created a positive mark on the global NFT community. “I ended up putting deploying significant capital (for me) into NFTs. After several months, I launched the money_clicc with 3 close friends brought together by OSF. We are a permanent artist and collectors community, and I’m proud to have some of the most recognized collectors and artists in the clicc.”

With the future in mind, OG believes NFTs are a transformational technology. “There is clear current utility in digital identity, art, and access. Next will likely come gaming and fashion. Ultimately, there are significant opportunities for asset ownership, securitization, insurance, and a variety of other financial applications. I think big brands will continue to come into NFTs, and big brands will come out of NFTs.”

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