Dolce Paganne


“Seeing as it was connected to new technology, it evoked my curiosity and excited me. I found this new art market quite revolutionary.”

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Dolce Paganne’s work has allowed her to travel the world and grace the NFT space with beauty and confidence. Dolce has exhibited in some of the world’s most famous museums and galleries, from France, Italy, and Belgium, to Australia, Spain, and the UK. Moreover, she has collaborated with the likes of Nike, Universal Studios, and Suntup Editions.

Inspired by Frida Kahlo, vintage visual culture, and Ron Meuck (to name a few), her voodoo-themed artwork is a visual feast. It transcends fairytales to nightmares through Dolce Paganne’s signature mixed-media methods.

“I started using traditional and digital ways of creating from an early age, so I mix them a lot during my creation process,” Dolce describes her process. “I create my references with photo shoots and photoshop that I use in my compositions while painting physical artworks with traditional materials, and vice versa. I paint over my rough sketches in pen tablet and then procreate when I want the output to be totally digital.”

Her transition from gallery walls to online servers happened at the beginning of 2021. “I became involved in the crypto art space after reading news about Beeple and Murat Pak in magazines and newspapers. Seeing as it was connected to new technology, it evoked my curiosity and excited me. I found this new art market quite revolutionary,” she recalls.

The acceptance of all works of art is prevalent in the web3 sphere. Here, imagination is encouraged, and no limits are put on creativity. It provides a platform for talented artists stuck in the restrictive world of commission work to fully express their creative talents and evoke emotions related to their style.

With so many artists pushing the boundaries of web3 and blockchain tools, we see new things every day. In fact, it’s enabling artists to take their art to new heights. Dolce shares: “I believe this chaotic metropole, with an eclectic culture blending the Oriental and Western, has affected in many ways my work’s body.”

Dolce Paganne