“No matter your genre of art, vision, or background, there’s always a home for you in web3 – and intrigued collectors ready to buy.”

Innovative and revolutionary by nature, few artists have impacted digital art and the creative web3 sphere as SamJ. “I was the first person to create a digital fashion GLB file on SuperRare and the first to do fabric simulation and motion capture in a GLB file.”

As one of the first performance artists in the NFT space, SamJ continues to push the boundaries and showcase the fantastic possibilities of web3 art. The result? Stunning imagery and intricate details transcend what was previously thought impossible in digital art.

From signing up for computer graphics at school to asking (and receiving) for Photoshop as a 14th birthday present, a creative life seemed inevitable. And, SamJ’s talent was evident early on. “I learned how to animate in high school and already had an internship as a graphic designer while I was in high school.”

After finding success during their teenage years, it was time for the next level, art school, where SamJ “ended up doing graphic design and minoring in studio art and art history.”

During this time, SamJ continued to ace each semester and test the possibilities of digital art and creative software. “By the end of my time at art school, I was very bored working in print media, 2d design, and flat animation. So, I started messing around with projection installation, and I had several installations with projection mapping in a solo exhibit.”

Always one to push the envelope and change the narrative of what is possible, all SamJ needed was a platform, and the always-welcoming NFT space provided the perfect answer. Since joining in the summer of 2020, SamJ has become a SuperRare artist and an influential figure in performance art. “I knew that if now that I had the chance, it would elevate the presence and context of my work. And so, I really went far out and tried to do the craziest stuff that I could in my little 10-square-meter art studio. I had a vision to do really crazy, high-brow queer art in this space, very performative.”

The NFT sphere is a space that promotes individuals expressing themselves in ever more beautiful ways and showcasing their results. No matter your genre of art, vision, or background, there’s always a home for you in web3 – and intrigued collectors ready to buy.

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