Maxim Zhestkov


“As an artist, I am inspired by researchers and explorers who seek truth with the tools they have at their disposal.”

Maxim Zhestkov, a Russia-born, London-based media artist, has captivated audiences with his digital art for over 20 years. His passion for technology in art and altering reality is evident in his work, which merges his studies in architecture, sculpture, motion graphics, color, and sound to create a critical site for exploring the aesthetic possibilities and psychological implications of a ‘phygital’ reality.

“In my practice, I am inspired by a symbiosis between science, art, and philosophy,” Zhestkov shares his insights. “As an artist, I am inspired by researchers and explorers who seek truth with the tools they have at their disposal. Constructivism has been the most influential movement for me, with Kandinsky and Chernikhov being the most crucial figures. Among scientists, Einstein, Descartes, and Darwin have been particularly inspiring. Of these, Darwin is the greatest scientist for me — his ability to take a step back and gain insight into the fundamental principles of life is truly moving.”

Zhestkov’s journey in the NFT space began in late 2021 when Ryan Zurrer reached out to him to buy one of his artworks. That opened new worlds of opportunities for him to explore. “I have been captivated by technology since it initially allowed numerous artists to monetize their incredible work and realize their ambitions,” Zhestkov explains. “After two decades of engaging in digital art, I can see how the introduction of NFTs has revolutionized the terrain and brought deserved attention to digital art. It is a fascinating development, and I am thrilled by it.”

Zhestkov describes his artistic process: “An idea can spark from anywhere, but I’m most passionate about the exploratory-driven approach. With the help of technology, I can take my creative journey to the next level and discover new and exciting possibilities. Random finds often lead to some of the most inspiring moments, and it is incredible how the computer can be a co-creator in this journey. I enjoy experimenting, and when I experience something beautiful, I explore further in that direction. Projects may take months or even years to perfect the final result, yet the effort is well worth it.”

Zhestkov is the proud founder of Zhestkov. Studio and co-founder of Media.Work, two of his creative studios. He is also an independent designer who has worked with renowned clients, such as Adidas, IKEA, BMW, Google, Sony Playstation, and Adobe. He has received numerous awards, including a Red Dot Award, D&AD, iF Design Award, and ADC Award.

Maxim Zhestkov