Bruno Diberkato


“You should be able to strive to be the best you can be under your own eyes.”

Bruno Diberkato is a wildly popular NFT artist hailing from Brazil – and one of the country’s brightest digital artists. He believes in the power of the NFT space for artists to create with passion – not what they’re forced to push out. “Digital art is tangible, and the NFT artist community is incredible,” he shares. “I believe NFT artists are responsible for striving to be the best they can be and that they should cherish and abide by certain standards.”

His digital art is heavily inspired by American pop art and movies and influenced by pop artist Robert Sammelin. “I’m really enjoying abstract and glitch art; I think if I were to collect something, I would buy artworks in that theme, especially because these types of artworks are encountering a new age under the digital space.”

Diberkato’s first taste of the NFT space nearly left him bitter. “I once had my artworks downloaded and uploaded to Opensea, and a collector who was a fan asked me if I uploaded those,” Diberkato says. “The answer was no. And that’s how he actually called me and explained what NFTs were and why I should enter the space. At that moment, I was pretty mad because of some copyright problems – people selling merch with my artworks – and NFTs seemed a cool way to establish a digital property.”

He embraced NFTs and focused on establishing his name as a 1-of-1 artist. A collaboration with Gucci propelled his art into the mainstream – a particular highlight of his NFT journey thus far.

He describes his art and process: “I usually like themes like retro, retrofuturism, and pop art. Typically I try to express those themes under a pop art vision with bright colors and expressive compositions. Every time I sit to draw, I think of small stories and create a character under the themes I most enjoy. Mostly everything I do is done digitally with Photoshop.”

His parting words for fellow creators are: “The digital matters. And is tangible.”

Bruno Diberkato