Klara Vollstaedt


“Klara’s inspiring works push the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting new world!”

Klara Vollstaedt is the ‘next big thing’ in the NFT world. This transfem artist from Canada’s imaginative art explores themes of identity, loss, connection, and relationships in a digital world

Her 3d work and digital art are illustrative of the fact that, for numerous reasons, there is no single correct way for people to approach any given issue. “As a member of the ‘first generation,’ I witnessed the evolution of the internet’s interaction with its users; my digital works reflect how my generation is able to cope with these themes in a critical and funny way.”

Klara explains: “Growing up, I had a deep connection with the internet as it developed. I have seen it evolve throughout my life, and humanity’s relationship with it continues to shift. It started as a cool concept and a way to chat with friends; now civilization has formed a complete commensal relationship with it.”

Web3 pushes that relationship into new territory – with wonderful consequences and effects. For one, it has given a voice to marginalized communities and people. Art is a powerful medium, and Klara leads an army to wage war on identity, gender, relationships, stereotypes, and art.

Recent projects with ClitSplash, SuperTrans, deadfellaz and others demonstrate her commitment to the flourishing queer NFT community. Based in Cuba’s capital city of Havana, ClitSplash is a collective of feminist NFT artists on a mission to showcase the talents of women, trans, and people of color in the arts.

Klara is outspoken. She is fighting for queer artists to receive a fair share of the exposure and funding of their straight and cisgender counterparts. She says LGBTIQA+ artists are not allowed to be authentic in the industry: “Either we have to pretend we aren’t who we are, or we have to put in 10 times the effort. Indeed, that is pervasive and unchanging. There is a lot of exclusion and marginalization of people. It’s easy to get the impression that the LGBT community and its members are overlooked.”

Her work and voice as an artist are a testament to the possibilities of NFTs, demonstrating how leveraging the internet and its myriad tools to connect with people can change the world.

Klara’s inspiring works push the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting new world!

Klara Vollstaedt