“Art can bring you happiness and peace of mind.”

Snow’s passion for the blockchain has proven to be highly contagious. He is dedicated to helping as many artists as possible uplift their morals while educating them in the technical aspects of blockchain and the NFT space.

Entering the crypto scene back in 2013, Snow made his first investments when the Bitcoin price hit the $100 mark. While he had the option to become a full-time trader, he made it his mission to better understand the mechanics behind crypto. Digging into the technical side of things enabled him to visualize better the future of the space and how assets are transacted.

When buying art, Snow seeks out pieces that resonate with his heart. He also appreciates the technical aspects of the work and how much effort the artist put into the creative process.

He has some excellent advice for new collectors: “Being a collector simply means investing in something which results in something substantial. Focus on what you are looking out for. Art can bring you happiness and peace of mind. Sometimes this can be a perfect vehicle to hedge your traditional financial investment. Choose your goals.”

Snow rates transacting the assets in a trustless manner – without the third-party gatekeepers, traditional art galleries, and marketplaces that hog for surcharges – as the most fulfilling part of his NFT journey. He says: “It is something we always dreamed of. It’s a win-win for both the collectors and the artists. Web3 is enabling this for everyone.”

AI has dramatically impacted the NFT space in the last few years. While some artists and collectors are vehemently against it, Snow has a very balanced view. He explains: “It is just another revolutionary medium for expressing your emotions. Like how we embraced photography back in the 19th century and digital art in the late 20th century. The AI art movement is the perfect example of how we are progressing toward achieving that goal with the help of rapidly growing technology.”

Although very active within the NFT space, Snow still has his day job, working as an engineer that helps banks and other financial institutions to adopt the crypto movement safely. The blockchain safekeeper: a priceless asset to the NFT community!