“It’s really great to give something back to people who support me.”

From the age of 13, Bruno Urli studied and absorbed the photography that he saw on Instagram. His own love of the medium was fostered by his father, who gave him his first camera.

YouTube provided a space for Bruno to learn editing, and when he won a Photoshop course from digital artist Julius Kähkönen, he started to create the images he saw in his mind’s eye.

Bruno discovered digital artist Marcel Van Luit, whose work hit him “personally, emotionally,” and inspired him to create his first images using stock from Unsplash – a room filled with water and a subway car carpeted with flowers – which garnered him a firm following.

Flowers and plants are an integral part of Bruno’s work (on SuperRare and brunourli. com). “What if nature found its way back into cities? I make two worlds that have the ability to destroy each other, and coexist in a beautiful and peaceful manner.”

When Ryan Gutman’s NFT work on Twitter caught Bruno’s eye, he jumped into the space, which is where his focus now lies. Fellow artist Jacob GaN, who was one of the first people Bruno followed, made the mint sale on Bruno’s subway car piece, and the two became friends. Jacob recently reached out to Bruno, and they have just released a collaboration. “Jacob is the perfect person to do my first collaboration with.”

Bruno has collected and flipped some NFT projects, one a piece by artist Ben Skaar, who is also 18. “As a young artist, people don’t always respect your work. But in web3, people see it as an advantage and there are so many possibilities. It’s really great to give something back to people who support me.”

Bruno did an open edition drop on his birthday. “It was about making my art accessible, selling it to many people, widening my audience and collector base. As an artist, if you sell one of one pieces, people do support you, but they also probably want to collect your pieces.”

Bruno is building a business with his twin brother and has announced that he is part of the Ledger and Samsung ‘joining forces’ project that assists people to enter web3 safely and smoothly. “I am truly honored, and stoked to help people enter web3 through art.”