Chiara Moreni’s art style revolves around three key elements: the female figure, dynamic painterly strokes, and the study of vibrant light as a mood indicator. She connects her art with her emotions, dreams, and thoughts, giving them strong, vibrant colors and forms. She studies femininity as a way to understand herself and her feelings, making her art deeply personal.

Her work is a crucible of influences: contemporary artists like Loish, Alessandro Barbucci, and Glen Keane mixed with classical artists from the past like Lucian Freud, Klimt, Schiele, Gaugin, Matisse, and more to create her own visual language.

She is a massively talented multidisciplinary artist, creating since she was a kid. She pursued her love of art with a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema and New Media Studies (110/110 with honors). Then she moved to London to accomplish her dream of becoming a professional artist, achieving an MA in Character Animation (with a Distinction) at UAL Central St Martins and quickly entering the animation industry right after graduating.

Chiara’s partner galvanized her into NFTs in 2021, where “I found my creative voice.” Having had previous productions under her belt like “Hey Duggee” and “The Brilliant World of Tom Gates,” Chiara decided to show her own art to the NFT community, and she minted her first NFT in April of that year. Since then, she has been creating non-stop and building her presence in the space with more projects like Tiny Familiars: 3D toy-art NFT collections realized with her partner and sculptor Jose Canizares.

Regarding the web3 community, Chiara gushes about her love of the space and its people. “I would like to see more artists joining the NFT space in the future.” To her, it’s essential to create genuine friendships and connections to give each other mutual support and enrich the space.

Chiara exhibited her work in several curated galleries such as Mondoir’s Adelia Art Gallery, NFT UK, Mecenate Fine Art Gallery, WEB3 London, and Arcade Apes London, and her art is going to be displayed at NFT NYC in April 2023. Furthermore, she was privileged to collaborate with famous communities, such as World of Women NFT, Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult, and Capsule House.

Become entranced by the magnetism of Chiara’s illustrations that crosses the veil between consciousness and the unconscious mind!