Kelvin Koh

BE STRONG “I became fascinated by it; it became a lifeline for me, offering hope during dark times.” Yara Chammaa, a.k.a. Yaraspucia, chose her online handle from the character Raspucia in the movie Norbit. Despite being portrayed as a negative character, she chose this name as a reminder to be strong and bring out the […]


Tayd3rtot A Profile in Passionate Collecting “Thr33som3s is one of the few people in the space that I truly see as a person, a friend.” Tayd3rtot is not your typical art aficionado. A young, vibrant personality, Tayd3rtot’s a rising star in the expansive universe of NFTs. He’s not painting the next masterpiece or sculpting in […]


MAYA DRAISIN “I believe in helping people navigate this change into digital transformation.” The daughter of an Artificial Intelligence scientist, for Maya Draisin, a career in tech seemed destined. Couple this with her family’s artistic background, and it explains why web3, NFTs, and Maya are a match made in heaven. “I really think that how […]


KARSEN DAILY “She is also a collector of art and limited edition art pieces and is adamant that existing art institutions still have a role to play with NFTs.” THERE’S A HINT OF CYNICISM IN KARSEN DAILY’S APPROACH TO WEB3. SHE’S BEEN BURNED, HURT, AND LET DOWN, BUT HER STREET-SMART APPROACH AND NEW BUSINESS-SAVVY PROTECT […]


Yaraspucia BE STRONG “I became fascinated by it; it became a lifeline for me, offering hope during dark times.” Yara Chammaa, a.k.a. Yaraspucia, chose her online handle from the character Raspucia in the movie Norbit. Despite being portrayed as a negative character, she chose this name as a reminder to be strong and bring out […]

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday “I want always to be on the edge, on the frontier. I go where I think communities are interesting. If it’s harder to collect, I like it better.” Collecting NFT art suits Sunday Funday’s personality. IRL, he’s been a collector of many things, so it felt natural that he should find his niche […]


NORCAL_GUY “I probably should not be flipping any of these. I’m going to hold onto these.” “Art Collector? Biscuit King.” That’s how NorCal_Guy describes himself. Before entering the world of web3, NorCal_Guy invested in crypto and launched his wife’s startup from home. Being active in the Twittersphere, his introduction into the NFT space came from […]


MOONCAT “I think 2023 will be the year of AI and that art will definitely be a big part of it. I think AI art will matter big time in the future.” MOONCAT2878 IS NOT FROM THIS WORLD. HE JOINED THE NFT SPACE DURING THE FINAL CHAPTER OF 2021 AFTER DESCENDING TO EARTH FROM THE […]


33 “When giving advice to newcomers to the NFT space, 33 emphasizes the importance of not giving up too soon or setting your prices too high at the start of your NFT journey.“ 33’s internet journey started in the nineties when he made a living from buying and selling domain names. An early adopter of […]

BAYC 5511

BAYC 5511 “Everyone benefits when the smaller artists are nurtured. It will not rescind healthy competition, but will help create a forceful creative and economic environment.” At some point, Web3 is going to be flooded with artists looking to make a buck with their work. When this happens, curation is going to be crucial. It […]




TSCHUUULY “In the next three years, I hope to see more conceptual art, more artists playing with code, and perhaps more video art as well.” CryptoPunk1477 has firmly cemented herself as a respected creator, collector, curator, and community leader within the NFT space. Her work is diverse and ranges from time-based media collages and a […]


VINCENT VAN DOUGH “NFTs have led to an explosion of collectors and art appreciators worldwide. It has democratized art collection. Now, anyone worldwide can collect pieces, whether 1/1s or editions, from their home. It is no longer an activity that is reserved for the wealthy elite. Artists from all over the world have been discovered […]


UNCLEPENNYBAG$ “Unclepennybag$ finds great joy in curating art collections for community members at affordable prices.” Unclepennybag$ has earned the reputation of an esteemed collector, curator, and overall trailblazer. An early crypto adopter through Bitcoin, his interest in Ethereum stemmed from what he observed occurring in the NFT space. Professing to not having a single artistic […]


THE RANCH VAULT “While he has bought NFTs from renowned artists, he also likes to support the proverbial underdog.” The Ranch Vault is an enigmatic artist, collector, and thought leader. The Ranch Vault is dedicated to this web3 space. He does a ton of work to uplift artists and is a true patron of crypto […]


TOKENANGELS “Whenever you find a feather, it is a token from the Angels…” “I collect works that timestamp an important moment in the history of cryptoart. I like to collect those artists that have energy, that I feel are alive and real.” TokenAngels is a self-described ‘Lone Wolf Collector,’ and their Twitter bio shares a […]

Takens Theorem

Takens Theorem “I’m inspired by many others in the space who draw on crypto culture, such as Josie, Stellabelle, Coldie, Simon de la Rouviere, patternbase, divergence, and others.” Takens Theorem is a man of many talents: cryptothematic data analyst, writer, and visualist. Embracing his anonymity, Takens Theorem does not divulge much of his backstory. What […]


SAM1 “NFTs have positively impacted so many people worldwide in many different ways. In no other industry do you get so many benefits from just participating.” Sam1 has a hefty list of NFT-related accolades to his name. In addition to being the co-founder of mDAO, which later grew into NeonDAO, he is also a founding […]


SCALYNELSON “It didn’t take me long to get into NFTs because I sort of went to digital collectibles.” ScalyNelson has been a passionate collector, teacher, and NFT fan since the beginning of 2018. He collected CryptoPunks, Beeple, Hackatao, and XCOPY. He’s also served as an advisor to artists and collectors and was one of the […]


SONSO “I want to foster a community that looks at art whether you own it or not and just appreciates the art in the same way one can appreciate a Van Gogh painting.” My dream is that the NFT, as a vehicle, can be used to streamline all types of digital ownership, removing frictions that […]


REGINALD GRARBS “I now have all these friends that are artists, and the energy that I get from them is so immensely fulfilling.” Reginald Grarbs is a collector and patron of the NFT arts. Although he started buying Bitcoin early (and selling too early, by his own admission) and was excited about anything blockchain-related, he […]


OG “I think big brands will come into NFTs, and big brands will come out of NFTs.” Several roles must be filled – from artists to collectors – to keep the web3 ecosystem running seamlessly. OG is a collector, curator, artist advocate, and advisor. He has two projects, makes art, and consults with SuperRare. Community […]


NOUN 53 SURVIVING WINTERS, RIDING BEAR MARKETS “My transition from crypto enthusiast to NFT and digital art collector wasn’t a change as much as an addition to what I invested in. I saw NFTs as a way to express myself and my love for art.” Noun 53 is a name well-known in the NFT art […]


METADAD “MetaDad is optimistic about the future of the NFT space and believes as long as the focus remains on decentralization and supporting artists, it will continue to grow and prosper.” MetaDad often waxes lyrical about the greatest loves of his life: his wife, children, and NFTs! First venturing into the web3 in 2017, MetaDad’s […]


LUX ETHER “The idea of being able to bring people together in communities that can form lifelong friendships is vital.” A collector with a keen eye for fantastic art, Lux Ether was born and raised in the Midlands of Great Britain. Outside of digital art, he is a serial entrepreneur. “I run a couple of […]


LORD TRUFFINGTON “It was only thanks to NFTs that I approached the art space, became more confident in collecting artworks, and over time built a collection of thousands of digital art pieces (as NFTs).” An intrepid photographer, collector, and curator, Truff has come a long way since his days as an investment banker and entrepreneur. […]


KLUTCH “Right now, I believe we are just scratching the surface with art and collectibles. These have a shot at becoming the most collectible category in the world.” Klutch is a Dope Dealer. Not THAT sort of dope. He’s the one telling artists their art is dope. A lot. If your art’s not been dope-dealt […]


KENSHIRO “The better the relationship is, the more you can help each other out.” Kenshiro is a security-conscious introvert who fiercely protects his digital identity, keeping it completely separate from his real persona. He especially likes the anonymity that web3 offers: “People can’t judge you based on your gender or your skin color – all […]


HARRISTOTLE “Just support people and continue to collect and share, and I think that’s the best way to move in this space.” If there’s one thing that stands out in Harristotle’s approach to NFTs, crypto, and web3, it’s his humanity. Of his work in the virtual world, he says that he loves the human element […]


GARY SUMNER/SENDROCK “Dream big. Become the best artist you can be; never sacrifice your creative process for sales. Authentic art is valuable art.” “I’m just a simple man with a beautiful dream,” says Gary Sumner. His dream? Uplift the NFT space and all art, artists, creators, collectors, communities, and builders within it. Gary’s a renowned […]

Vancestone Hall

Vancestone Hall AN ODYSSEY FROM CRYPTO TO NFTS “The contents of my wallet help transform the pieces that I have to reach their final form.” Embodying the infectious dynamism of the NFT space, Vancestone Hall is a devoted gamer turned ardent NFT collector. His love for digital realms has made him a popular figure within […]


FIELD “I believe in what blockchain technology can be, not just what the purposes of web3 are now, but in the future.” Since entering the world of NFTs, Field has experienced the ecstasy and agony that comes with collecting and trading. “I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but also made a ton of right calls,” […]


DEBUSSY “Chasing the big bucks doesn’t always work, and it can also deter smaller artists from having the courage to create and mint if they see money chasing big-named artists.” Debussy’s best advice to anyone – whether an artist or collector – in the current NFT market is to focus on the art and on […]

Unknown Collector

Unknown Collector Becoming Known In Web3 “You should be free to create what you want.” A pillar of the NFT community, Unknown Collector has played a pivotal role in guiding and spotlighting the work of many digital artists; and asks for little in return. “As I started collecting art, and getting more invested, I thought, […]


Snow “Art can bring you happiness and peace of mind.” Snow’s passion for the blockchain has proven to be highly contagious. He is dedicated to helping as many artists as possible uplift their morals while educating them in the technical aspects of blockchain and the NFT space. Entering the crypto scene back in 2013, Snow […]


P AZURO “Babylon is bringing NFTs to people with more social connections in the virtual world than in the real world.” P Azuro has a background rooted in the betting industry. Once he’d found his feet in crypto, gone onto Discord, bought a Bored Ape, and discovered generative art, he was ready to do his […]


Mondoir “I believe in the power of this community and the web3 space, as well as the power of NFTs for creators and collectors.” From being a courageous political activist to a giving art collector, Amir Soleymani (better known as Mondoir) has always been for the culture. He is a gallerist, entrepreneur, art advocate, a […]


LeDropWithCheese In France, a celebrity NFT drop is called a ‘le drop with cheese.’ Joey Dunne is a celebrity NFT and Metaverse blogger who celebrates all things NFT with his excellent blog named as a homage to Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. LeDropWithCheese is a celebrity NFT and Metaverse influencer and consulting business helping to onboard […]


LAKOZ “I came into the space for the technology. So, I love seeing people use it and come up with use cases that fix actual problems that we currently have in Web2.” Lakoz is here to build. While the nascent NFT ecosystem has grown rapidly over the past few months, let alone the past few […]


JONATHAN LITTLE “If you truly love a piece, it’s probably worth overpaying 20 or 30% more than you think it is worth today.” I am a 38-year-old professional poker player. I’ve played poker since I was 18 and now own one of the largest poker training sites, I also own a poker publishing company […]


JAMIE SMYTH “You have to show up every day. You have to network every day. And just be kind, and nice. It’s not hard, just helping people and being nice.” Jamie Smyth has genuinely got to be one of the most likable guys in the NFT art world right now. Once a man with a […]


IMPOSTOR “Collecting is as much a form of self-expression as creating art is.” The crypto bug bit Impostor while he was in university studying computer science, introduced to it by his roommate. While not immediately immersing himself in it, he did keep his eye on the space, including purchasing Bitcoin and later, Ethereum. Prior to […]


FRANKLIN E. CALDWELL “Since I have no art skills, that is the quickest and closest way that I’ll ever come to being an artist; just show the Apes that I own.” Franklin e. Caldwell, known as @franklinisbored on Twitter, owns a whopping 67 Bored Apes. He works for Peraton as a structural engineer and spent […]


FRANKIE D TANKIE “I really love the narrative, you know, who is the artist? What’s their background? What’s the process they use for their work? I think NFTs are a great way to experiment with new ways to connect with buyers.” Frankie D Tankie was around at the birth of the internet, the mobile web, […]

Eternal Pepe

Eternal Pepe ETERNAL FLAMES FOR NFTS “Before NFTs, I wasn’t collecting artists’ work, and when it could be on your computer or in your wallet, I was all in.” A New York City resident since 2008, Will Holden is an Emmy-winning TV editor, art collector, creative, and crypto trader. Having worked in television for 15 […]


ERIN ATKINSON THE PASSIONATE BUILDER “I don’t know where we’re heading, but I’m in it for the journey. I’m here for the long haul. I want to contribute and give something back to the community.” Born and raised in Canada, Erin Atkinson is at the forefront of creating digital hubs where creatives are celebrated and […]


exlawyer When an artist becomes culturally relevant, their work stands having a substantial, long-term economic value accrued to it.” As his name suggests, exlawyer practiced law for several years. He clerked for a federal bankruptcy judge before going into private practice representing debtors in complex Chapter 11 cases. In 2020, exlawyer saw Bloomberg’s reports on […]


DEEZE FI Generative art isn’t going anywhere. The PFP and community-oriented projects will still survive longer than a five-plus year time horizon. Many of these projects will not, but winners will emerge as we go through another cycle through which communities will become hardened and their teams will have delivered on their promises. I think […]


DaBirds23 “It’s like an ocean of artists all trying to do the same thing. I see our job as collectors and projects is to shine a light on that artists, so they are like a buoy in the ocean, so others can find their work.” “Helping as many artists and collectors succeed to achieve some […]


COZOMO DE MEDICI DIGITAL ART IS MORE THAN JUST NFTs “Words are perhaps the finest weapons we have to evangelize digital art. Like art itself, words have the power to shape culture. So I must insist on “digital art” or “cryptoart” and no more “NFT.”” NFTYB: Please start with your overarching dreams for the NFT […]


COLE VILLEMAIN “My life would be complete if Pokémon entered the web3 space.” Cole Villemain proudly admits to being obsessed with digital art. Collecting Pokémon cards, sports cards, and sneakers from a young age, he ventured into the NFT space in January 2021, where he was fortunate enough to be able to mint Apes when […]


CMBARCE “When you learn to appreciate art for what it is, it does not need utility.” In 2013, ‘C’ heard about Bitcoin. Looking around the space, ‘C’ “ran into Ethereum’s white paper and was sold on the idea after reading just four pages.” ‘C’ got in on the initial coin offering (ICO) in 2014. Since […]


BITCOIN PROPHET “Yes, I buy art that I love. But I really collect and support artists that I believe will change the world one way or another in a positive way.” Bitcoin Prophet is an art collector from New York City. He’s always loved people and building relationships – and this underscores his every move […]


ART | ARTKAROON.ETH “At the end of the day, collecting provides enjoyment and a sense of achievement… physical or digital, that feeling is the same.” Art knows a good thing when he sees one. Web3 is one such thing. Originally from Thailand, Art spent most of his childhood in America and then went on to […]


ARTIE HANDZ “If an artist is a director, I’m the producer. I sit behind the scenes and suggest possible avenues.” An attorney and entrepreneur living in Venice, California, Artie Handz (a.k.a. @punk7635) is a fifth-generation cattle rancher with a deep Scandinavian heritage. He’s an avid art collector “with 3 boys under 5 and no wall […]


ANESTI DHIMA “We’re still exploring utility and if it really matters beyond the art.” Anesti Dhima, under the pseudonym The Alchemist, has become a prolific collector of over a thousand pieces since his introduction to NFTs back in 2020. Having discovered NFTs through the crypto finance community, Anesti was initially intrigued by the investment potential, […]

Adventurous aka Queen

Adventurous aka Queen TOP-CLASS CRYPTO ART COLLECTOR AND CURATOR “What artists need the most is somebody that believes in them and will support them.” All digital roads lead to web3. That’s what Adventurous aka Queen reckons. This former finance manager found a new path in crypto and NFTs. Passionate about cryptoart, Queen has done the […]


SIMON DE LA ROUVIERE “Inventing the Future.” When Simon de la Rouviere started in crypto, he had a good idea of where it was heading. “I seemed to be able to make accurate predictions about where it would go technologically and culturally, even years in advance. I was able to figure that out correctly.” However, […]


ALYZE SAM Mint Responsibly People overthink NFTs. They’re not obtained when one joins a weird cult. So many of us wish people would stop acting and thinking this way. Imagine non-fungible tokens vs the internet in 1995. Remember when Newsweek released an article titled “The Internet? Bah! Why The Internet Will Fail?” Little did that […]

Bernardo Cafe

BERNARDO CAFÉ “NFTs will continue to be a very big thing regardless of whether the next big wave is something completely different.” Bernardo Café is an NFT art collector as well as the co-founder of SHILLR. Before entering the NFT or crypto space, Bernardo studied maths, economics, and statistics and worked as a data analyst. […]


REDLIONEYE DESPITE BEING A SAILING YACHT CAPTAIN IN HIS PREVIOUS LIFE, REDLIONEYE HAS ALWAYS GRAVITATED TOWARD TECHNOLOGY. “Art is a driver and catalyst for progress. It’s an inspiring force that pushes boundaries and fuels creativity.” First hearing about NFTs in 2017 during the CryptoKitties era, it wasn’t until January 2020 that he bought his first […]

Colin Egan

Colin Egan Dedicated to making the world a cooler place for everyone “Even when the road gets rough, never stop believing in yourself.” Blue Cat was born in 2013 through Colin Egan’s 100-Day Project, which he documented on Instagram. “It was created because my friends and followers resonated with my cat character,” he shares. Blue […]


ROGER DICKERMAN “I started exploring anything, from stocks to precious metals, to collectibles – and became a semi- professional poker player.” Roger Dickerman has charted a trailblazing path across diverse fields, from banking and company development to fitness and community building, before planting his flag in the explosive realm of crypto art. Today, he stands […]


MICAH JOHNSON “It’s been an evolution of understanding the different ways to use technology.” Micah Johnson was perhaps best known as a professional baseball player with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but when he wasn’t wielding a bat, he could be found between games wielding a paintbrush and honing his artistic skills. After retiring and realizing […]


JOHN CRAIN – SUPERRARE “Trust and authenticity are the most important.” As the co-founder and CEO of SuperRare, John is held in very high regard by the NFT community. John discovered his keen interest in generative art while studying structural engineering and architecture in college. Working with Consensus, the Ethereum venture studio based in NYC, […]

Damian Lewinowicz

Damian Lewinowicz CNC PRECISION MEETS NFT ART “He has a talent for transforming ones and zeros into unique works of art.” Damian, also known as peH in the web3 space, is a lively Pole in his late 20s who spends his days as a CNC operator but harbors an unyielding desire to be an artist. […]

Mitchell F Chan

Mitchell F Chan SMART CONTRACTS “We live in a very technological world, and to make art about the world today means to make art that is about technology and how we interface with it.” Unlike most digital artists, Michell F. Chan had been a professional artist before the introduction of NFTs – 10 years ago, […]


Robek CURIOS AND AI-READY “Wearing more than one hat, Robek has established himself as a respected artist and activist. Despite amassing a plethora of acclaim, his feet remain firmly planted on solid ground alongside his peers.” A multipotentialite, Robek is an esteemed artist, collector, curator, and thought leader on the blockchain. His interest in art […]


EDOUARD EDOUARD follows the tradition of polymath artists: an electronic music producer since the early days of the French Touch, a solo-exhibited photographer, an art historian, and an engineer and coder. Initially exploring the world of NFTs as a collector, he realized he could merge his diverse practices within this innovative medium. Transposing his already-established […]


UNCLE SAL “Launching a project is very fulfilling, but it is very hard work. As long as it is something that you are passionate about and can identify with, you can make it work.” Uncle Sal has triggered a hippie revival. A combination of his two biggest passions, art, and tech, entering the NFT space […]


Benbodhi “The most fulfilling aspects of my journey have been building networks, supporting artists, and contributing to the growth of the space while sharing my knowledge and experience with anyone who is interested.” “NFTs have immense potential for replacing outdated systems of record. I envision a future where NFTs, or some form of them, become […]


TRIPPY LABS The Pseudonymous Boundary Pushers “It’s crucial for artists to lead a cultural revolution by exploring uncharted territories.” Trippy Labs has played an invaluable role in forming the broader digital art scene. Founded by Trippy, an esteemed pseudonymous figure in both the digital art world and on the blockchain, who has amassed a considerable […]


SPLINTERLANDS REVOLUTIONIZING DIGITAL CARD GAMES “The play-to-earn model has seen $5.5 million paid out to date from in-game tournaments, with over $24 million given back to the players.” Splinterlands is a digital collectible card game that combines the best of both worlds: the collectibility and resale value of physical card games with the convenience and […]


SEBASTIAN SANCHEZ “Code is a craft. It’s like when the camera was invented – it’s a whole new medium and tool for artists to create artwork.” Sebastian Sanchez’s current role at Christie’s is a culmination of his life experience. His journey began when he moved from his hometown in Miami to study Design Management at […]


SAM SIMMONS Non fungibly curious It can be addictive to purchase NFTs as an experience of joining a community of strangers who welcome you solely because they own their own NFT from the same collection. It gives you something in common where such previously did not exist, forging organic connections amongst strangers. For brands and […]


PROFESSOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MANAGEMENT UNIT AT HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL; RESEARCH PARTNER AT A16Z CRYPTO “NFTs become true possessions, letting us establish more complete personal identities in digital space.” Being part of this moment has been the intellectual and social opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve found community upon community of incredible people […]


“We all live in the digital world and IRL, but the human component is the most important and cannot be forgotten.” For Pompey, the human aspect of working with people has always been important and is what drew him into A&R (Artists & Repertoire) in the music industry. As much as he loved the music, […]


“The platform remains abuzz and creating a secure, constructive platform persists in being the primary priority of the Objkt team.” The largest NFT marketplace on Tezos, Objkt is a chief contributor to the development of digital art, onboarding budding creatives from across the globe. During a leisurely stroll in February 2021, brothers Brian and Tim […]


“If the sky was the limit, there wouldn’t be footprints on the moon.” With a low boredom threshold, Nizzar Ben Chekroune has had to find several careers to keep himself busy, solvent, and stimulated. Until web3 and NFTs came along, his limit in any one job was around two years. Previous work included nightclubs, real […]


“Nate has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the NFT marketplace and showcasing smart contracts as a creative process.” Collecting and flipping CryptoKitties. Creating ChainFaces and SquigglyWTF. An influential thought leader in web3 since 2017. Nate Alex is the epitome of a web3 degen. Nate Alex is on a mission to create an artistic medium […]

Mr Boney

WELCOME TO THE BONEZONE This is the beauty of NFTs and the web3 community: from a simple click, you can be in the eyes of creators and collectors worldwide. Mr Boney – and the Bonezone – put Australia on the NFT world map. Having entered the web3 sphere in August 2021, he has experienced a […]

Miss Lefort

ETERNAL FLAMES FOR NFTS “Miss Lefort’s NFT project revolutionizes the concept of authenticity in the fashion world.” The Miss Lefort brand redefines the convergence of art and fashion by creating silk scarves as wearable art pieces. The innovation lies in integrating NFT technology to ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of each piece, with an added […]


“The decentralization of power in the NFT space reflects the philosophy of French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, who proposed a network structure where authority is equally shared.” When it comes down to understanding the blockchain and its various effects on art culture, there are few more qualified on the subject than Mimi Nguyen. […]


“It only takes a handful of dedicated collectors to change an artist’s life!” Mel is a trusted strategic advisor to larger brands entering the crypto ecosystem. Her clients include Time, Nike, Rug Radio & Autograph, working with them to build the right tokenomics structure for their long-term projects. An early adopter, Mel was around at […]


MEGBZK Better Education For The NFT Nation Learning and becoming an NFT collector this past year has been a fantastic journey thus far. The NFT space is still in its infancy; it is so early that we have only just begun to explore and test the waters of what NFTs will be used for in […]

Julian Gilliam, a.k.a. LOGIK

Julian Gilliam, a.k.a. LOGIK THE PLUG “I’m creating a world at the intersection of art, culture, and tech.” Julian Gilliam, a.k.a. LOGIK, is a full-time artist, innovator, and visionary. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, he moved to Chicago 12 years ago to pursue life as an artist. Since then, he has worked with brands like […]


LEONIDAS “A century from now, our descendants will consider the earliest of these digital assets to be priceless cultural artifacts.” My hope for the NFT space is that it doesn’t forget the early pioneers and visionaries who laid the very foundation that it was built on.” For LeonidasNFT, he works feverishly to document the history […]


JAKE GALLEN “He is in the process of uncovering old projects, many of which he believes were ahead of their time and which therefore have already been consigned to history.” Jake Gallen is like crypto’s Indiana Jones, an NFT archaeologist searching digital antiquity for rare artifacts. Of course, it might have something to do with […]


SERGE (AKA ZOMBIE), ZOMBIE CRYPTO “I honestly believe that once we shift the conversation beyond the JPEG aspect of NFTs, we will see the quantum leap in the application of NFTs to our daily life – to everyone’s benefit” When most people think about NFTs, they instantly think of some random trending PFP project. The […]


ZENECA Re-Generating Art “I’m a lifetime learner, so the fast-paced world of NFTs and blockchain technology instantly lured me in.” Being part of this movement is the best decision I’ve ever made. The thing that attracted me most when I joined in early 2021 was money. People like money. You can make money trading NFTs. […]

Zack Yanger

Zack Yanger BREAKING OUT SUPERRARE “My favorite part of what I do is being able to not only work with these artists but become friends with them.” Originally from Tampa, Florida, Zack Yanger’s introduction to web3 resulted from his relocating to New York City. After graduating from the University of Florida, he moved to NYC […]

Vladislav Ginzburg (Blockparty)

Vladislav Ginzburg (Blockparty) “Digital art didn’t need NFTs to exist. What it did need was to create a collector culture – and it did.” Vladislav Ginzburg has an eye for exquisite art. Fresh out of college and realizing the immense investment potential of art, he started a business with his father that focused on buying […]


UNCHAINED NINJA “Web3 is about contributing to the space instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Everyone has valuable skills. Find or launch a project where you can use your skills to grow the space.” “I believe in the power of NFTs. They allow us to live in a world where daily life […]


UAE NFT “In the end, it’s about humanity and people of all cultures, religions, and a tolerant environment.” UAE NFT’s first Mars settlers are about to depart and are already settling into their space pods equipped with bathrooms, studies, and NFT art on the walls. Inspired by the UAE’s own vision to build a colony […]


TROPO FARMER “I think the best is yet to come.” Lover of web3. Purveyor of NFTs. Ape maxi. That’s tropoFarmer. With over 170,000 followers on Twitter, when tropoFarmer speaks, people listen. With a twist of humor, he yields incredible influence – gained from transparent insights – of an over-complicated market. “I try to be funny […]

Transient Labs

Transient Labs TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE “Even if our product just helps one creator break new ground, I will feel like we have done our job, and that’s something to be proud of.” Ben Strauss (@benstraussphoto) and Marco Peyfuss (@mpeyfuss) are the two heads behind Transient Labs. While the team has grown, the […]


TOBY LASSO “A global understanding of blockchain technology will change the world. Once you’re inside the ecosystem, it’s easy to see how NFT communities can help you do it.” A global understanding of blockchain technology will change the world. Once you’re inside the ecosystem, it’s easy to see how NFT communities can help you do […]


“What tipped me over the line to get that first buy was that it actually came with a physical video of the piece as well as the NFT.” Coming from one of the biggest gambling nations in the world, Aussie Steve naturally went into the NFT world via online sports betting. Due to currency restrictions […]


“When we all look back on this a decade from now, we’ll realize just how lucky we were” “I’ve been in web3 since late 2019, early 2020, and I don’t really plan on going anywhere.” As one of the NFT space’s earliest users to navigate the scene, Sniper’s journey to becoming a collector, creator, and […]


“NFTs are about culture and vibes, focusing just on money makes people miss the bigger picture.” I started my professional career on Wall Street, where I learned to have a thick skin and trade the cyclical nature of the markets. My approach is different to most others having lived through more than one market cycle […]


DRIVEN BY PASSION “I think I’ve loved the experience of connecting with artists and building with the SHILLR team more than anything else.” Rugema studied Biomedical Sciences but knew that it wasn’t their passion. Instead, their passion lay in music and creativity. “I’m less of an instrumentalist and more of a writer and songwriter, I’d […]

Robin Schmidt

CONSUMING THE METAVERSE IN MODERATION “The Metaverse is massively niche, but as a potential growth sector, it’s probably one of the biggest things that will impact technology.” Robin Schmidt has always been in love with filmmaking, shooting, and editing. It was perhaps inevitable then that he became a master commercial maker, even shooting his own […]

Paulius Uza

THE FUTURE IS CURATED “I was always drawn to NFTs as the ultimate product of the blockchain because I think it encompasses so much.” Paulius Uza doesn’t do hype. “There needs to be much more responsibility in the market. There need to be grownups in the room doing this business and taking it seriously. There’s […]


“This is an era of experimentation.” Getting Rekt is Art “We’re entering a new period of art,” believes OSF (Ovie Faruq in IRL), the man behind the iconic rektguy project. “Everyone talks about the digital renaissance. And that’s like a meme, but I think it is true. We have all these new things entering the […]


The running joke is that the crypto space goes at lightning speed compared to other industries. We can attest that has been true in every sense of the word for us at NFTgirl. So much has changed in the past 2 years, but what hasn’t changed has been our love for digital art, innovation, technology, […]


“It’s so important to learn about how the NFT space works, understand the fundamentals of proper security, and find a community you can call home.” NFTbark’s mission is both simple and incredibly complex at the same time: to help bridge the gap between the general public and web3. Everything he does in Web3, from the […]


“The birth of the Me Llamo Art Foundation, a non-profit, stemmed from a beautiful collaboration of artists and collectors with a shared vision: to build a safe and inclusive community to support artists.” MeLlamoMatt wears many hats: entrepreneur, investor, and thought leader. A restaurant owner before the industry became tech-centric, MeLlamoMatt embraced basic web2 technologies […]


PUNK FOR LIFE “Art NFTs just felt like a natural fit. It is also fun, right? Understanding traits, going down rabbit holes, and connecting with people – I just love that.” MaxwellX.eth is fast becoming a household name in esteemed NFT circles. He was already well-versed in crypto when he entered the NFT space in […]


“NFTs are going to impact and reflect all of human psychology and human behavior.” As co-founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of nft now, Matt Medved is passionate about pioneering the mass adoption of NFTs. When something seems complex, few want to listen, and even fewer have the finesse and media-savviness needed to demystify new technology as […]


“The theme of my life has been moving from analog to digital. We started with cassette tapes and film cameras, which became MP3s and JPEGs. It only makes sense that we now collect art in the same way – digitally.” In May 2017, there were no art NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Sure, there were […]


“I think the people that are building a brand are going to do well, and the people who aren’t will fail.” At the ripe old age of 24, Luca Schnetzler is a seasoned entrepreneur and speaks like a veteran of the business world. He dropped out of high school to pursue his early entrepreneurial endeavors […]


“Interleave aims to bring NFT education to a global scale, an essential aspect for the mass adoption of web3.” “The Metaverse is a time where we transcend the next level of digital immersion. And, to retain the concept of ownership as we have on this earth for thousands of years, NFTs are the answer for […]


“I foresee a large-scale onboarding of big brands and the emergence of already established web3 companies taking off.” Dominick Adams, who is better known by the moniker ‘Gentle Tornado,’ is the man behind the Hiped brand. An acronym that stands for happiness, inspiration, positivity, enthusiasm, and dreams, he aims to support teen mental health issues […]


“To me, getting creators to produce their work on the blockchain was a way to inject value into it.” “I’ve always gravitated towards the cliche of the intersection of art and technology and, specifically, wanting to build tools for creative empowerment.” Kayvon Tehranian is at the forefront of enabling this, utilizing one of the many […]


“I wake up excited every day because I get to see the world get better from a technology perspective, which is a form of evolution.” J1mmy.eth’s belief that web3 is set to change the world is what gets him out of bed in the mornings. “I wake up excited every day because I get to […]


KRISTINA FLYNN “I also think (and deeply hope) the overall accessibility of web3 will improve exponentially. With access to these opportunities more easily available to all people, not just a privileged few.” Kristina Flynn is making the NFT space more inclusive, one step at a time. Born and bred in a Toronto, Canada, suburb, Kristina […]

Keith A. Grossman

President, Enterprise, MoonPay “What web3 really presents is the natural evolution for this next generation.” Keith Grossman is a visionary. From running ‘TIME’ as its president, rejuvenating ‘Wired’ as its associate publisher, and guiding companies’ entries into web3, Keith’s leadership has successfully shaped the passage of the world’s leading media into the future. Few individuals […]


“Artists spend large amounts of time creating art and then have to spend much more time marketing it, which prevents them from creating more art. DADA is creating an alternative economy for artists.” I was born and raised in Mexico City and have called New York City home since 1992. I graduated from the Hebrew […]


“B.A.D – The Blockchain Art Directory was a key resource to the understanding and adoption of blockchain art, crypto collectibles, and blockchain technology during the second wave of blockchain art projects from 2017 to 2019.” Coming from the educational sciences field – specifically media education and media semiotics – I’m currently spending my days as […]


“Jason graduated from simply writing about NFTs to being one of the first collectors on SuperRare.” In 2017, Jason Bailey (a.k.a Artnome) wrote an article called ‘The Blockchain Art Market is here.’ The influential paper became the voice of the time and resulted in the onboarding of most of the artists in the NFT space […]


gmoney “One of the things that has helped me a lot in my entire career is being able to learn from others and understand that I don’t have all the answers.” “I got into crypto in 2017 and NFTs in 2020. And once I went down the NFT rabbit hole, I haven’t looked back since,” […]


“I’ve never felt so empowered as an entrepreneur and as a creative person as I do in this space. For me, it’s all about the autonomy and the creative platform.” It’s possible that no one is having as much fun with web3 today as Gami, a native of Sydney, Australia. In fact, he calls web3, […]


“I collect from artists who tell stories that transcend boundaries, and are still worth being told and heard generations from now.” After working in a few different positions across the crypto and web3 industry, GigaChadPepe exited the fever pitch of the DeFi movement as a relative skeptic of NFTs as a whole. Mostly dismissive of […]


“I just love NFTs; it’s one of the few things I really believe in my life.” Few people are as invested – partly in the financial sense but mainly in the emotional sense – in NFTs and crypto as Giannis Sourdis. “I just love NFTs; it’s one of the few things I really believe in […]


“I am a digital art advisor and curator” I advise clients about NFTs, digital art, and vintage computer art of the 1960s and curate art exhibitions. I am also a collector of digital art and NFTs. My interest in digital art started during the Internet art movement in the 1990s, and I discovered blockchain art […]


“It makes sense to me, just directly supporting a human being.” Funghibull, an NFT collector and fanatic, dove head-first into the NFT space and hasn’t looked back. Before immersing himself in web3, he was involved in tech. “I come from a marketing and consulting background in tech, before eventually getting involved in crypto and NFTs […]


“Accessibility is vital to securing web3’s longevity.” Having developed a deep interest in technology by the time he was six years old, Fonz has since built several successful businesses fueled by his early passion for innovation. Fonz entered the crypto space in 2017 as an investor, watching the world of Web3 develop from the periphery. […]


“This project was created to contribute to the wider Web3 community, as well as to offer content for children in the Metaverse. At the same time, it serves as a channel to onboard normie parents into NFTs.” Darren used to work in the IRL event space in the Asia region. When the pandemic hit and […]


NFT TERMINAL GEARS UP FOR THE FUTURE “The future is multi-chain and multi-marketplace.” Evan Varsamis, Greek-born and raised, is a New York-based entrepreneur, NFT expert, Forbes contributor, NFT trader, collector, and visionary whose journey began at the young age of 15. While it’s not unusual for teenagers to be gaming fanatics, Evan went a step […]


“When you see what web3 allows, it felt like a very clear path forward that we want to build something more honest, something more transparent, that’s better for creators.” Ev Tchebotarev is committed to shaping the future of the NFT space. As a photographer with almost 20 years of building photo-related services and tools for […]


“On demand generative minting represents a digital ownership journey staring from curiosity and delight that culminates in provable expression of individuality within a larger group.” Erick has always loved the puzzle of code, and a live audio-visual performance introduced him to the idea of “creating art with code.” Erick has been down several rabbit holes […]


Web3 is an evolution of the internet – not a replacement. It is an evolution layered on top of connecting, communicating and selling through the internet. We will take a step further: we will build and own the internet as communities. Web3 has the power to bring creators and consumers into direct contact while cutting […]


NO BARRIERS DANIELLE DAVIS No barriers. No standards. No protocols. Web 3.0, the Metaverse, and NFT spaces have boundless potential for equality, empowerment, and inclusiveness. For many, that environment may be scary. For the adventurous, it presents a tremendous opportunity. What’s the biggest hindrance to the broader adoption of NFTs? A lack of education fundamentals […]


“No matter what I’ve done, I’ve always been passionate about helping women and girls and creating media that inspires people.” A hard truth that lingers from industry to industry is the fact that still today there is a stronghold on profits, decisions, and policies by a select few at the top, often not representing half […]

Cryptopop Art Guild

“We train underprivileged Filipino artists and then help them find gigs and commissions in the metaverse.” “Empowering artists to find financial freedom in NFT art, one pixel at a time.” That’s the vision of Cryptopop Art Guild (CPAG), a metaversal guild for underprivileged Filipino artists founded by Luis Buenaventura (better known as @helloluis). The NFT […]


Exciting Potential The NFT space will shift towards people valuing exclusive access and real-life utility. This NFT movement is revolutionizing the concept of clubs and communities. I believe that NFTs provide ACCESS and that each person’s NFT wallet should be filled with ACCESS. I had a crazy experience and feeling when I attended my first […]


“By regularly featuring an array of artists and making their work accessible to a broad audience, Artchild promises to encourage community and connection.” I’m a creative director. A significant part of this is orchestrating a vision and bringing the right minds together to create and execute it flawlessly. It excites me to be immersed in […]


“I want people, if they care about the art, to share the art. I want them to bring it into our museum to showcase it.” Colborn Bell is a fully-fledged multihyphenate in the NFT space and beyond: artist, collector, humanitarian, and founder of The Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA). Dabbling in crypto and NFTs since […]


“I believe most physical items will eventually leverage the benefits of blockchain technology and smart contracts.” One of web3’s fascinating elements is its community-powered nature. In this world, artists and collectors support one another and grow together while producing mesmeric art. There are sculptors, photographers, 3D designers, and businesses, to name but a few. Another […]


The Rise of NFTs: An Online Gambler’s Perspective “CryptoKitties is the most important NFT project ever to exist because everything else was born from that.” What do a DNA testing company and gambling have in common? Why, Carlini8, of course. Within a year of beginning his side hustle in 2014, expert online gambler, Carlini8 had […]


“I want to ensure that we develop the right infrastructure capabilities that scale at the rate and pace of NFT growth.” Bharat Krymo, who describes himself as a decentralization maxi, angel investor, and JPEG connoisseur, is the Head of Strategy and Growth at Oncyber and GP at 6529 Capital. He entered the web3 space in […]

Betty Deadfellaz

Deadfellaz Rule The World I’ve always been inspired and impacted by disruptive, creative women. Women who create art with a strong message make a powerful combination. This space is flooding with these women – and it is truly awe-inspiring. Growing up, I idolized women like Skin from the 1990s British rock band Skunk Anansie. Others […]


“I love technology. I was looking for the next thing, and I realized that there was more you could do than just trade these coins; there were applications being developed.” Ben Jammin describes web3 as “the social group for antisocial people,” which is, of course, a contradiction in terms, but then Ben himself is something […]


“I think art can change the world. Art can change people’s mind.” Born and raised in the French capital of Paris, Benoit has pioneered his national government’s seamless adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. With a background in law and a keen interest in the ideologies and philosophy around cryptocurrency, he began investigating the regulatory framework […]


“I find crypto interesting both because it’s like a massive multiplayer online money game, and because it’s full of fun culture and narratives and storytelling.” With both parents working as entrepreneurs in the technical area and a background of his own in politics, international trade, and human rights, Ben’s approach to crypto was bound to […]


“The negativity around AI art is at fever pitch, but students of art history have seen this numerous times; this is what happens at the beginning of most every major movement. Right now we are in the ‘deny and cope’ phase. ‘Acceptance’ is next, and there are signs we’re already moving there. It’s happening faster […]


“Generative art is a love affair with the unpredictable, a dance with the unknown. It is a romance with the beauty that can only be created through the chaotic, random creation processes. It is a love that is constantly evolving, forever changing, and always captivating.” Regrettably, the NFT market is still too closely tied to […]


“At Vayner3, we’re taking a more expansive view of web3 as the next iteration of connected consumer behavior, enabling a more ownable, immersive, and personalized internet.” Avery Akkineni is originally from Nashville, Tennessee, but she moved in 2012 to Northern California to pursue her dreams. Akkineni, located in San Francisco at the time, landed a […]


CORE TEAM OF VIBES AT RANDOM CHARACTER COLLECTIVE “People need help; artists need good people around them.” PFPs are perfect for digital identity. I think this will be the future for PFP. Choose the one you relate with and prepare to rock it for a long time. The thing with collecting NFTs – especially PFP […]

Arts DAO

Connecting Communities “People come from different backgrounds, genders, and races; we are based in Dubai, but we have connected individuals from all corners of the globe.” Building a community by bridging the gap between collectors, artists, and builders in real life is at the heart of Arts DAO’s mission to represent the largest web3 community […]


“Everything doesn’t have to be an NFT. It can be a good artwork or blockchain; there are plenty of ways to create on the blockchain. NFTs are just one of those ways.” The world of art collecting has been ingrained into Arthemort’s DNA. Or perhaps it was a rite of passage. “I come from an […]


ALETHEA AI, CEO & FOUNDER “How do we reconcile the tremendous power that Generative AI models have today: models that can now replicate our intelligence and creativity with industrial-scale precision and theft of our artistic senses and aesthetic taste without any attribution to our labor? Who owns the property rights to these primitives necessary for […]


“Collect things that move you.” AC The Collector, as his name gives away, is one of the blockchain’s most renowned collectors. He has a deep passion for art – and exploring all the new and known methods for collecting art. AC learned at a very early age to “collect things that move you.” As a […]


In web3, we have the amazing ability to be connected to basically anybody via social media, where we can interact with and learn from them. The history of art is the history of technology and communications, after all, so this moment makes sense.” With a background in traditional art, including a Master’s degree in Art […]


“It’s inevitable that one day we’ll be able to play, work, meet, conduct commerce, and more in an interactive virtual world.” A long-time gamer, an early crypto adopter, and now the Metaverse, Adam Hollander is a serial entrepreneur. He founded a software company that was acquired by Microsoft in 2015 and spent several years as […]


FROM BROOKLYN TO THE BLOCKCHAIN “Brooklyn is just such a musical space to grow up in. You’re constantly hearing sounds from all over. It’s very diverse in sound. The borough’s busyness allows you to encapsulate so much into your consciousness on what music could sound like and be like.” Latashá is a force to be […]

Josh Savage

NFTs Saved the Music Star Josh Savage has been a musician since the age of four. He’s one of music NFT’s OGs. “I studied a classical music degree and decided I’d take a gap year to travel the world pursuing my dream of making music,” shares Josh. “And I’ve been on that gap year for […]


SING A SONG A DAY, MANN “I set out to do it for a month, and then after a month, I decided to keep going, and after a year, I decided to keep going, and then I decided never to stop.” Jonathan Mann’s journey to the world of NFTs is wild. It is unlike any […]


I’ve been involved in the music industry for decades. Despite my success as a Grammy-winning producer, songwriter, and artist – the music industry is broken. Artists wait for ages to get paid by labels (if they get paid at all) and royalty checks are usually for pennies (of a penny) on the dollar. Music NFTs […]


“I would much rather be more actively involved with one to five communities than have a little sort of taste in a hundred of them because then you’re not getting that full experience.” Friesframe was initially attracted to the NFT space from his background as a motion designer in Chicago, IL. During Covid-19 lockdowns, he […]

Emonee LaRussa

EMMY AWARDS, THE WORLD’S TOP MUSICIANS AND COMPUTERS FOR KIDS “Intentionally going out of your way to find artists that aren’t at the top really goes a long way. Being able to provide opportunities for people is huge.” Emonee’s dad loved having art around him. “He recreated masterworks on the walls of our house.” He […]


EPIPHANIC REALIZATIONS “Because of how the platform blurs boundaries and unites previously disparate disciplines, Laurence has been able to merge poetry and art in ways he never before possible.” Laurence Fuller’s resume is full and long. Actor, poet, producer, musician, and web3 artist: this creative does it all. Apart from starring in HBO Max’s series […]


INNOVATING FASHION ART “No matter your genre of art, vision, or background, there’s always a home for you in web3 – and intrigued collectors ready to buy.” Innovative and revolutionary by nature, few artists have impacted digital art and the creative web3 sphere as SamJ. “I was the first person to create a digital fashion […]


I MAKE MEALS INTO MASKS “I’m a performance artist who photographs food I put onto my face as masks – and then I eat them.” Antonius Oki Wiriadjaja – better known as Foodmasku – is one of the most popular NFT artists in the world. The New York Times selected his Instagram as one of […]


“He thought, ‘I may as well make a movie about it, because I hadn’t seen anything that I trusted about this emerging community and nothing related to what I was feeling about it.’” DAN SICKLES IS AN AMERICAN DOCUMENTARY FILM DIRECTOR, WRITER, ACTOR, AND PRODUCER. HE IS BEST KNOWN FOR MALA MALA, AN ICONIC DOCUMENTARY […]


KEEPER OF THE WEB3 INN Julie carries a surname held in reverence in Hollywood. As Al Pacino’s daughter, it is no surprise that she’s a creative artist. Filmmaking runs in her veins. As an award-winning photographer and filmmaker, she’s turned to NFTs to self-fund her directorial debut film, ‘I Live Here Now’, by minting and […]


VIDEO MUSIC NOT MUSIC VIDEOS “Pop culture is reflected in the music of the moment, and we can do what other DJs and visual artists can’t, which is bringing it all together in real time.” In the early 1990s Jonny lived in London and got into sample-based and electronic music. He was a nightclub DJ, […]

Nostalgic Scarlett

RE-IMAGING ART PERSPECTIVES “I think every human should actually collaborate with AI: for me, I see it as a natural path of our evolution.” “Surrealism, weirdness, sensuality: I’ll turn your perception of art upside down – and you will love it.” That’s how Nostalgic Scarlett describes her artwork and her community. This freespirited painter and […]

Parin Heidari

PICTURES WITH PURPOSE “Thanks to NFTs, I can realize my dreams as an artist.” Parin Heidari’s minimalistic ‘one-line’ drawings tell important stories. She discovered her love for art when she was only 3 years old, sitting in front of her bedroom wall with a crayon in her hand. Instead of being disparaged, her parents were […]

Resul Ertas

Resul Ertas has been drawing since he was five years old. Art has played a major role in his life and its direction. NFTs have opened up a whole new world of opportunities – and the NFT space has enthusiastically welcomed his drops. His first NFT collection – ‘Crazy Kids of the Renaissance’ – sold […]

Luis Ponce

HOT & COLD “The conversation around crypto culture and digital art changes by the hour, but it seems like we are on the right path for it to be adopted sooner by the mainstream and patrons of the art, and I will be there supporting this.” Anyone who swaps the heat of Mexico for the […]

Sekure D

SNEAKING AROUND “I think mass consumer onboarding is not too far away with brands championing the next bull run.” Sekure D has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world: Nike, Jordan, Puma, Adidas, and Lego. This is his time to shine even brighter! As an artist for 18 years, Sekure D expertly […]

Zak Krevitt

ARTISTIC ACTIVIST “An artist and activist at an early age, Zak has been a strident supporter of the LGBTQ+ community in web3 and beyond.” Zak Krevitt was born to be a storyteller. Their photographic journey began in high school, creating elaborate portraits with friends and diving headfirst into events and editorials. After years of pursuing […]

Trizton Delbaugh

YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK “It opened up a whole new world for art because I was never used to making my own creations and selling them.” Trizton Delbaugh is a 26-year-old multimedia artist originally from Denver, Colorado. Trizton is a lifelong artist who is oozing in style, creativity, and breathtaking art. His creativity was […]


the Art Director SHE WORKS IN DETAILS “It reminded me how good it feels that my baseline in life – art – was propelling my career forward. It felt natural.” From the age of 4, Sonhdon has been drawing, sketching, and painting. Her grandmother first taught her to draw and blend colors, then honed her […]


MIND-BENDING ART Jake Fried is an exceptional artist. He lives and breathes art. His art stands apart from others by way of its creation and recreation process. Using ink and white-out to generate hallucinatory scenes, Jake Fried creates mind-bending animations through repeated modifications to his art pieces. His films have been exhibited at the Tate […]


HARVEY FROM BLOCKS Harvey’s a prolific artist. He might only have been creating and sharing art online since early 2020, but his artwork is seemingly everywhere. Collectors love it. Holders love it. People love it. This 21-year-old Scottish mixed media artist obsessively creates art. He speaks of his inspiration and motivation that springs from his […]


ADVENTURE AWAITS THOSE WHO DARE TO DREAM “It’s such a great thing to wake up every single day and realize that you love what you’re doing.” Ely Taylor’s enthusiasm for web3 and the NFT space is infectious. This artist is 21 years old and has a wise head on his young shoulders. “If you want […]


Art Is A Conversation Between The Artist, The Viewer, and The Piece Itself. “Be yourself and live your life vibrantly through your work.” Eric Friedensohn (a.k.a. Efdot) grew up around his grandmother making art, which profoundly affected his life. Among many mentors and teachers, his grandmother taught him different creative processes and encouraged his creativity. […]

Dolce Paganne

NOT YOUR AVERAGE BEDTIME STORIES “Seeing as it was connected to new technology, it evoked my curiosity and excited me. I found this new art market quite revolutionary.” Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Dolce Paganne’s work has allowed her to travel the world and grace the NFT space with beauty and confidence. Dolce has […]


Breaking Boundaries in the Digital World “Indonesian artists have a particular style in their art, and Diela’s art elevates it to another level.” Diela is undoubtedly a prominent figure in the NFT world and a leader in the Indonesian art space. She is a physical artist and illustrator and has worked as an illustrator for […]


LIKE A CHEF “The inspirations from other artists are ingredients I can’t miss to build my taste and artistic standards – and that keeps my passion burning.” “I like making pictures that can be read. Most of what I write comes from notes or journals I keep about how I see things that happen to […]

Fer Caggiano

FERVENT FEMINIST WITH A HEART OF GOLD “Focus on writing history! With each mint, you are putting a story in the blockchain for all generations coming after you. For me, it is not just a marketplace; it is about leaving a meaningful legacy.” Fer Caggiano is known for her striking, colorful artworks with a distinct […]


RE-IMAGING LANDMARK ART If the art doesn’t grab your attention, the artist’s personality certainly will. YuLiang Liu – better known as YUYU, is a multidisciplinary artist with a unique approach. This Berlin, Germany-based artist reappropriates Western European iconic artworks to add inclusivity and de-stigmatize nudity through digital photography and its manipulation. He’s originally from Taiwan, […]


PASSION AND A PEN “Art has always been a major passion of mine, so it truly is an honor and privilege to be able to do what I love for a living.” An artist by trade, Twickert can intertwine his drawing abilities with an array of digital tools. The result? Comic-inspired characters that ooze in […]

Shaylin Wallace

SHAY’S LIFE-CHANGING MOMENTS “I never thought I could sell my artwork for this much money in such a short amount of time. I was in college working on campus, and I couldn’t believe it.” Originating from Wilmington, Delaware, Shaylin Wallace – also known as Shay the Surrealist – is a digital artist taking photography and […]


TWO BROTHERS TAKE ON WEB3 Web3 love. 2 brothers. One Truth. Pase and Dr. Dax are professional street artists from Zurich, Switzerland, that have been leaving their mark on urban spaces since 1998. They’ve turned to web3 and cryptoart in 2022 and have taken over the space like a pack of wild dogs. The One […]


DELICATE DESIGNS Mahima Chaudhury is a multidisciplinary artist based in London, United Kingdom. This British South Asian artist is renowned for her delicate and personal artworks. “Community is a huge part of all this,” explains Mahima. “Community is what got me and the majority of other artists into this space. About three years ago, I […]


STEALS THE NFT SHOW “I found my place in web3. As a physical artist, web3 is the merging of the traditional art world with the digital world, and it is pushing the art world forward. It is amazing to be part of it, see it evolve, and most importantly, see that art still matters.” Kreepshow […]


FROM HAITI, WITH LOVE “I’m a traditional artist looking to express intangible feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, and sadness through a tangible medium of art.” Web3 can change the world. NFTs are the key to unlocking that sea tide of change. Julie-Mae Coralie Sampeur (a.k.a. JulieMaeXart) brings beauty and deeper meaning to it with her vivid […]


REVITALIZING THE ARTISTIC ENERGY “I think mostly in pictures, so when I hear music, I’m automatically translating the sounds/lyrics into visuals.” Jacklyn paints striking and beautiful art nouveau-style portraits of women. Her art explores Innocence, Loss, Wonder, and Nostalgia, telling an emotional and captivating story through her talent. Since she was old enough to hold […]


The Friendly Neighborhood Art Guy “The NFT space is a new pool of art enthusiasts who aim to help one another and grow together.” Self-described as “your friendly neighborhood art guy,” IZA the Artist’s artwork evokes deep emotions through his signature flowers and heartfelt characters. His work is touching, emotional, and self-therapy. “I try to […]


“I have been an artist since forever – art just kinda gravitated towards me.” Goliath shares that he always had a sketchbook with him. “Art is like an addiction for me.” He recounts his artist roots: “I first started getting into art way back in kindergarten when a teacher of mine told my mother that […]

Emily Yang

Making a Purposeful Impact “I just continue to try to make an impact in whatever work that I could do or find myself doing.” pplpleasr calls New York City home. Emily Yang (her IRL name) is a versatile artist who describes herself as a “high-quality meme generator.” She is far more than that – and […]


PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS “I don’t think practice makes perfect, but practice makes a lot of progress. And if you practice all the time, then I think you’ll be able to become one of the best.” Still in high school, Dustn is showing us all how it’s done and is already out there creating and collecting […]

Edgar Fabián Frías

Art, Healing Practices and Ritual Activism Exist Together “Art is such an undulating path. It’s always shifting and moving, and I think it’s kept me really flexible and mutable as a person.” Edgar’s first experience of contemporary art, and a pivotal experience in their life, was at 14 when they discovered it via Edward Kienholz […]

Dimithry Victor

ART FOR YOUNG PEOPLE AND PEOPLE YOUNG AT HEART “If somebody really believes in you, and the art is good, they will collect it. There’s no elitism, and there are no barriers to entry. Community is really important.” As a child, Haitian-born Dimithry caught a segment on TV about how to draw a character and […]

Bushra Khan

YOU HAVE TO LIVE THE CRAFT TO MAKE THE CRAFT “Web3 has made it possible for me to dream in a way that I couldn’t even fathom three years ago.” Bushra Khan speaks her name out loud. “Names hold weight – they are the first thing we’re given when we come into the world.” Growing […]

Claire Salvo

A Scrappy, Make-Something-Out-Of-Nothing Approach To Art “NFTs changed my life. Minting my first batch of NFTs, I knew that I would be able to have an art studio, something I had dreamed of for a really long time.” “I’m proud of the integrity behind my work. I’m proud of my scrappy, make-something-out-of-nothing approach to art. […]


MELANCHOLY AS AN ART EXPRESSION Chiara Moreni’s art style revolves around three key elements: the female figure, dynamic painterly strokes, and the study of vibrant light as a mood indicator. She connects her art with her emotions, dreams, and thoughts, giving them strong, vibrant colors and forms. She studies femininity as a way to understand […]


A RISING STAR “The community is inclusive, supportive, and respectful. It is a place where creativity and innovation thrive.” Katalina is a rising star in the NFT art world, known for her unique style that combines elements of everyday life with a touch of fantasy. Katalina was born and raised in Bulgaria, a small country […]


GOOD ART FOR GOOD PEOPLE “I loved how I could create my own world using my imagination.” PowerJah, with the Twitter handle @powerjahrt, is a collector, renowned artist, and web3 influencer. His strategy elevated him to fame on the blockchain. He’s been a lifelong artist, too: “I remember my mom keeping my pictures from six […]

Von Doyle

DISTURBING THE OLD MASTERS It is impossible to ignore Von Doyle’s disruptive remastering of the old masters. He burst onto the NFT space and shook the art community with his artistic style and voice. It all started when he acquired his first NFT, an enthralling piece by Leo Zeba, on SuperRare in March 2021. Today, […]

Mr. Shapeless

The Artistic Journey of Mr. Shapeless Mr. Shapeless is an anonymous NFT artist who’s gained notoriety in the web3 space for his art and his mysterious persona. He creates unique, thought-provoking works that fascinate audiences and advances the frontiers of what is possible in the NFT world. Mr. Shapeless’ NFT journey began in 2021 when […]


AI, NATURE, AND HUMANS “Mintface also created ‘The Line,’ an art-centered Metaverse for artists to curate their collections together in a single line that will eventually contain one million works of art.” Mintface, known as @mintfaced on Twitter, is a serial creator and the author of ‘MINTED,’ the first book that covered artists who minted […]

Jenni Pasanen

JENNI FROM THE BLOCKCHAIN “I fell in love with AI when I discovered its endless possibilities.” Jenni Pasanen’s ethereal creations are a combination of her own artistic flair and AI ingenuity. Art played an important role all her life, with Jenni always turning to it as a form of self-expression. First hearing about NFTs in […]


Inspired by the original IrishNFTGal makes original NFT art. “I joined NFTs at first as a painter,” she recalls. “I have a lot of canvases, and animal portraits are what I do best. I love dogs and horses so much. I love everything about people and being able to give something that is already alive […]

Claire Silver

AI ART ACTIVIST “AI isn’t going to go away. This is the beginning of something transformational for our species.” Claire Silver is one of the most famous artists in the NFT world. Talented, creative, and outspoken, she is also a pioneer in the AI art space. She describes herself as an ‘AI Collaborative Artist, Cryptopunk […]


METAVERSAL MEDICINE “I never know what I’m looking for until I see it, but in this small village, I’ve found friends, inspiration, and a sense of belonging.” The French have always pushed philosophical and intellectual boundaries. So, it is no surprise that the nation is forging a new wave of AI. Charlesai is a third-year […]

A.L. Crego

THE GIF KING “He pioneered animating art in 2014 and then transformed his artworks with the powers of the GIF format.” If you’re unfamiliar with the name ‘A.L. Crego,’ where have you been? The GIF King is one of the most celebrated artists on the blockchain – and IRL – for his mesmerizing artworks and […]

Michael Grill

SOMETIMES IT’S OKAY TO LET GO AND GET LOST IN THE SAUCE “As if someone ripped open the space-time continuum and let a Miami hypebeast run free in ancient Rome.” Mike Grill, a.k.a MikeGrillMadeIt, couldn’t get into a university’s design school because they felt his portfolio wasn’t good enough. Fast-forward to January 2022 when Rolling […]


PLAYFUL WITH A PUNCH Butcher Billy’s artworks are some of the most instantly recognizable in the digital art world. Since launching into the NFT space in 2021, Butcher Billy’s iconic style has defined and shaped the market and communities. Post-punk pop cultural art is mainstream – with a new generation sowing the love. This award-winning […]


IT’S THE STORIES BEING TOLD THAT WILL HOLD UP THE STRONGEST OVER TIME “In the end, it’s the stories being told that will endure, and that comes from the human aspect of the work.” Bryan Brinkman started creating content in high school in Omaha, Nebraska, for websites like New Grounds (long before YouTube). After graduating […]

Bruno Diberkato

POP ART FOR THE NEW DIGITAL ERA “You should be able to strive to be the best you can be under your own eyes.” Bruno Diberkato is a wildly popular NFT artist hailing from Brazil – and one of the country’s brightest digital artists. He believes in the power of the NFT space for artists […]


An OG and the TrashArt Movement “I’m using my old glitch painting, like textures, and reinserting that into the new imagery. It’s like my own little signature on there.” ROBNESS, a Los Angeles native, is a multi-faceted crypto artist who has been part of the cryptoart scene since its beginning. This artist has been a […]

Max Capacity

GLITCHED AND READY TO NETWORK “Max created his ‘DOS Punks’ collection consisting of 1,000 pieces. The entire collection was sold out swiftly.” Max Capacity creates striking NFT glitch videos with a distinct hint of eighties nostalgia. Growing up, Max was always involved in art in one way or another. In addition to engaging in countless […]

Fernanda Boccard

SERIOUSLY COOL Fernanda Boccard is seriously cool without even trying to be. And that makes her even more so. This Argentinean female artist found NFTs to mix art, characters, personalities, and storytelling totally differently. She’s not only incredibly talented with her quirky and vibrant hand-drawn NFT artworks, but she’s an outspoken advocate and female disruptor […]


WELCOME TO THE DIPPIEVERSE “Witnessing how NFTs put creative control back into the hands of the artist is something that spoke to me. After seeing the power of an NFT community built right, it was a no-brainer to begin building the Dippieverse.” The Dippieverse is one of the most significant movements on the blockchain. Created […]


Discovering Art Layers “You also start to learn about different kinds of art. There are so many different styles out there. I find it interesting and motivating.” Singapore-based Kaejunni is renowned for his meticulously hand-crafted character designs. He brings his characters to life by showing them through dramatic day and night-time shift animations. His characters […]

Isabela Arts

PORTRAIT OF PASSION Isabela Arts’ powerful portraits of femininity and passion have reshaped the NFT art space. These bright, bold, and striking artworks convey profound emotion through each piece. Isabela hails from Brazil where she’s a qualified architect, but her heart lies in art. She’s a devoted artist. “I make bright, feminine, and powerful portraits; […]


THE SPIRIT Creativity knows no borders nor boundaries. Unleashing creativity empowers the artist to explore and express themselves in new ways. For Filippo Scalisi, blending Western and Eastern aesthetics and themes into character art opened a world of inspiring artwork. With a background as a tattoo artist and videographer in Genoa, Italy, Filippo finds drawing […]


VINTAGE POP PSYCHEDELIC Skitchism’s artwork blows people’s minds. They’re deeply immersive, fun, bold, and incredibly beautifully created. Tatak Waskitho is his real name, and he hails from Indonesia. This illustrator and artist’s 1/1 pieces are hugely popular in the NFT art world. He is influenced by Saul Bass, Jeremyville, McBess and Jerome Castro, and his […]

Killer Acid

CHARACTERFUL CREATIVITY “ is the perfect embodiment of Rob’s creative processes and a mirror of his young, artistic self.” From psychedelic animations to humorous cartoons, Killer Acid is a multi-talented artist renowned for his signature drawing style. He cut his teeth in New York City for 2 decades and relocated to Santa Cruz, California, in […]



Rik Oostenbroek

THE DEXTEROUS DESIGNER “Delightfully deviant, his meticulously curated ‘Arcus’ collection consists of 40 pieces created over a period of five years.” Rik Oostenbroek creates hypnotic art that intrigues, inspires, and invigorates. At a time when Rik felt the dark shadows of mental anguish creep up on him, art provided a comfortable embrace. Motivated by the […]


THE 90S KID Spizak is a creative outlet for London, UK-based 3d artist and designer Adam Spizak. “I love art. I love making art. I love talking about it. I love sharing it. Art is my passion and my life’s mission.” His adventure in computer graphics and art started when he was 16 in the […]

Null Emotionull

SMOKE WEED AND VIBE “Research security, and understand what a wallet, MetaMask, and hardware mean. That, and smoke weed and vibe.” After dropping out of school in his freshman year, Null had a lot to prove to his mom. Now, following his example, she even has her own wallet and asks him for advice on […]


EXPLORING BOUNDARIES OF CREATIVITY “It’s amazing to be part of a group of people who are all working together to create something truly unique and beautiful.” Leafswan is a name quickly gaining recognition in the NFT world. This Netherlands-based 3d artist pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with AI and digital art. Leafswan’s interest in […]


A Passion for Fashion “I try to treat all my collectors the same – like I would my friends.” Drawing inspiration from high-end fashion labels like Prada and Dior, Yugal’s work is held in high regard by his peers and collectors. A multi-dimensional artist, he first entered the NFT space in September 2020. It wasn’t […]

Untitled Army

UNTITLED CHARACTERS Untitled Army is the broken pieces of the Brazilian artist, Lucas Camargo. He obsessively draws the stream of life and whatever things come to mind. Incredibly cool, lovable 3d characters typify his NFT art style. “The characters are simple – on purpose,” shares Lucas. “I want to keep them uncomplicated. I want people […]

Studio Brasch

At the intersection of nature, humanity, and technology “The NFT community is fascinating, no matter the age, geographical difference, or social status, everything is completely dispersed.” Originating from Denmark, Anders Brasch-Willumsen, also known as Studio Brasch, is one of Scandinavia’s brightest and most innovative creative minds. A jack of all trades, from art direction and […]

Stephan Duquesnoy

Mastering Art for a New Age “I strive to create works that showcase a balance between the seemingly disparate elements of mathematics, systems, patterns, and natural beauty.” Stephan Duquesnoy is at the forefront of bringing art to life through advanced algorithms. He has 20 years of experience as a digital artist and left an indelible […]


REWRITING THE RULES FOR FASHION OF THE FUTURE VOGUE Singapore’s September 2021 issue made history by offering readers the choice of two virtual-only covers. This not only marked a major milestone for VOGUE in the publishing industry but also propelled the talented Shavonne Wong into the digital future. It’s safe to say that describing this […]


MINT 3D “I am super inspired by women who I meet personally or in movies. I love to stare at their faces, at their bone structures, at the shapes of their jaws, their noses.” WonderKatzi, (known as Sasha Katz, IRL) is an Athens-based visual artist with an unreal talent. Through her art, she examines the […]

Klara Vollstaedt

REWRITING THE RULES “Klara’s inspiring works push the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting new world!” Klara Vollstaedt is the ‘next big thing’ in the NFT world. This transfem artist from Canada’s imaginative art explores themes of identity, loss, connection, and relationships in a digital world Her 3d work and digital art are […]


Small Town, Big Talent “The NFT space can be challenging to navigate. Having a strong and supportive network can make a significant difference, and Rodrigo is appreciative of the many artists and friends he connected with who believe in his work.” Rodrigo’s striking art fearlessly examines progressive behavior, culture, and organic human experiences. Born in […]


DIGITAL SHAMAN “Creating what I’ve seen and sharing the information in any way I can is the fundamental meaning of being a visionary artist.” When sculptor and architect Outpsyd discovered NFTs, he found an opportunity to unleash his inner artist even though he could barely understand what NFT art was, what the community was about, […]

Odyssey of The Heart

A DIGITAL EXPRESSION “Art is an expression of my innermost thoughts and feelings. To give feelings a voice and peer into the psyche, I adopt different metaphors.” “It’s an odyssey of the heart, because when you open your heart to everything that surrounds you, you will be able to understand and accept all kinds of […]

Muhju Art

Dreamlike Darkness – The Beauty in Melancholia “To me, art is an expression – one that is personal and authentic. The expression itself can be positive, but it can also be negative. I don’t intend to put out an ‘inspiring’ or ‘positive’ message. Instead, I aspire to portray the mixed expression of reality itself. This […]

Maxim Zhestkov

BREAKING BOUNDARIES IN PHYGITAL REALITY “As an artist, I am inspired by researchers and explorers who seek truth with the tools they have at their disposal.” Maxim Zhestkov, a Russia-born, London-based media artist, has captivated audiences with his digital art for over 20 years. His passion for technology in art and altering reality is evident […]

Matt Scobel

PHOTOGRAPHER IN 3D “No matter how cheap or expensive the equipment, how simple or complex the features, I quickly learned that every photo, every video is there to simply tell our story.” Matt Scobel’s art has an otherworldly quality to it – literally. ‘Eyes on Earth’ is one of his signature pieces and is a […]

Marco Mori

UNAPOLOGETICALLY CREATIVE “I love experimenting with new tools and techniques, preferring weird over normal and always adding a bit of humor to my works.” Marco Mori, also known as macomoroni, has perfected the art of bold brilliance. This German-born creative, (Marco Mori, IRL) entered the NFT space with a slew of confidence, releasing his genesis […]


HEAD IN THE CLOUDS “The sole intention of my art is to connect the viewer back to nature.” MARC WHITELAW HAS HIS HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, LITERALLY. Clouds are the focus of much of his work, which seeks to blend the real with the surreal and create a paradox by rendering digital art into something […]

Manfredi Caracciolo

“I am not here to sell art. I am here to share my art. If I can share my craft with as many people as possible, that’s what I want to do forever.” Born a creative, Manfredi Caracciolo is as inspired as it comes. The 24-year-old from Mantova, Italy, creates 3d art using bold shapes […]


RESHAPING FEMALE ESSENCE IN WEB3 “I thought to myself, ‘This is the moment I was waiting for all my life: I could be an artist, not just be a designer.” Lisa Odette is a 3d artist, illustrator, and animator living in Madrid, Spain. She is passionate about composition and colors and brings a unique visual […]


Welcome to the O’Verse “I have a complete artistic and creative freedom that I didn’t have when I was doing commission or client work.” One of France’s rising stars, Kibo is an artist and designer taking 3d tools and creativity to new levels. His work transports audiences to parallel universes, which he calls ‘O’verse.’ With […]

Jose Canizares

TINY FAMILIARS, BIG TALENT “One of the most important lessons I have learned is never to underestimate the importance of establishing connections.” Jose Canizaresis is the creator of sensorial 3D designs. Coming from a traditional art background, Jose was especially inspired by Bernini and Michelangelo growing up. As a digital artist, however, he now draws […]

Isaac Udogwu

WEB3 CHANGES LIVES “I took that moment and opportunity to change my life.” “I got into web3 on a whim. I left my construction job during the pandemic to pursue a career as a freelance graphic designer – and that step changed my life.” Isaac Udogwu (a.k.a. @eyesackudawgoo on Twitter) is a digital artist from […]


RENDERING REALITIES “The endless possibilities: it’s amazing to have this burgeoning community with new technology and evolution every day. It’s like the limitations just keep falling away.” FVCKRENDER is a native digital artist from Vancouver, Canada, who builds futuristic landscapes, renderings, and more that transport viewers to a hallucinatory experience. He’s a one-man studio using […]


BLURRING THE LINE BETWEEN THE SYNTHETIC AND THE NATURAL “The human race as a whole is still in its infancy, technology-wise. But I do believe blockchain technology or a derivative thereof will be pivotal in the way that records are kept and transactions carried out.” Dexamol.eth has always been fascinated by insects, sketching them from […]

Bumpy Junkie

Riding the Waves of NFT “The excitement of knowing everything is so new and groundbreaking. We are paving the future of art in real-time.” This 3d artist from Spain has taken the NFT world by storm with his quirky and abstract characters. Mr. Bumpy’s artworks feature ‘lonely characters and their poor life habits,’ combining humor […]


AURIEA’S CREATIVE DESTINY “NFTs have given me this opportunity to approach the art world on my terms.” Crypto art as a genre is not a new creation. Digital art pioneers have been experimenting with this art form for decades, pretty much since computers were made available for home users. Auriea Harvey is an OG in […]

Andre Oshea

ESCAPE REALITY WITH ART “I’m really fascinated with this idea of the intersection of art and science, or art and mathematics. Where it’s almost like a puzzle.” Andre Oshea makes art for people who want to escape reality – and want to build a better future. He does that with incredible animations that have rocked […]

Vinnie Hager

ICONIC “Discovering NFT’s allowed me to discover new artists and other creative works. The technology allowed me to collect and support their artwork in a fresh way that I hadn’t experienced before.” Shapes. Lines. Characters. Symbols. Vinnie Hager creates his own iconography. He’s an internationally acclaimed artist and designer shaping the NFT space. Vinnie lives […]


THE DUALITY PROJECT “Sadboi has spent a decade developing his artistic style. After taking some detours, he is now finally in a space where he can pursue his passion unhindered.” Growing up, Sadboi has always had a keen interest in art. He creates hand-drawn digital art that bravely explores the subject of duality: life versus […]


BANKING ON NFTS After 15 years as a corporate banker for the world’s largest multinational finance companies, Amrita Sethi jumped into the world of web3 and NFTs in 2020 to completely change her life. Inspired by that change, Amrita’s purpose is to inspire transformation through art and technology and empower impact within people and their […]


MY ART IS A REFLECTION OF MY HEART “My art is a reflection of my heart. I create with purpose, and I feel that in order to understand me and my art, you need to understand why I create. You must dig into each piece’s ‘why’ and ‘what.’” Toni Payne is one of the most […]

Nicolas Sassoon

THE POWER, POTENTIAL, AND POSSIBILITIES OF WEB3 “I always have this sense that there’s a multiplicity of communities and ecosystems when we talk about culture and creative economies, and for the sake of my own curiosity and learning, I try to nurture connections with all these different ecosystems.” French by birth, Nicolas Sassoon has adopted […]

Random Freaks

VISUAL ARTS “Still a rookie in the NFT game, Random Freaks has the talent and tenacity of a blockchain maven.” Random Freaks creates immersive, dreamlike worlds with miniatures, photography, and video. Unable to pinpoint the exact moment he became enamored with art, Random Freaks busied himself with drawing and filming skate videos from a young […]

Noah Kocher

GIRAFFE IN THE CITY “If you have doubts as an artist – we all do – then you must push through those; that’s where the magic happens.” “My art has been described as being familiar, almost like a forgotten dream, and that’s exactly what I try to create.” Noah Kocher (a.k.a. NoKo) is a multimedia […]


GIRAFFE IN THE CITY Elise Swopes is a visual storyteller. She’s one of the OG iPhone artists who’s created a global network of new-generation artists and creators through her mesmerizing art with a message. She joined Instagram in 2011 and instantly became obsessed with taking photos on her iPhone. “I started gaining lots of followers […]


BACK TO THE RETRO FUTURE “NFT is not primarily about selling your art; it’s about supporting the community and emerging artists.” That’s Isayev Art’s take on the NFT space. He explains, “It’s very important because we all start somewhere with something, and we all want recognition as creative individuals. The NFT space is very helpful […]


FINDING YOURSELF THROUGH ART “I feel like I’ve been really fortunate to have these people, these collectors, and friends in my journey because I wouldn’t be here without them.” East, known as @eastoire on Twitter, is an incredibly talented 26-year-old Thai artist. She and her family moved to Belgium when she was 11, and being […]

Burka Bayram

BLACK AND WHITE SIMPLICITY PACKS A BIG PUNCH “I always try to be affordable. To share my work with lots of people is something magical.” Graphic designer, visual artist, creator of Slothzine (@slothzine on Twitter), and beatmaker, Burka Bayram is from Istanbul, Turkey. His mother was a painter, and his father was a political cartoonist […]

Amrit Pal Singh

SMILING TOY FACES “The Toy Faces are people who inspired me or played an important role in my life – immortalized on the blockchain forever.” “Web3 is the culmination of a variety of things at just the right time: tools, products, marketplaces, and community,” Amrit Pal Singh believes. He’s the creator of Toy Faces and […]

Soul Curry Art

MEET MAD MEN MODERN “I came for the art and stayed for the community. I feel a deep sense of belonging in NFTs.” When you glimpse Soul Curry Art’s works, you’re greeted by powerful colors and mystical characters. A Modern Cubist artist and abstract expressionist, Ishita Banerjee (a.k.a. Soul Curry Art) is a proud Canadian […]

Sophie Sturdevant

MUSEUM/MAYHEM Sophie Sturdevant knew she wanted to be an artist since she was five years old. She grew up in a family of creators: musicians, writers, and fine artists. Life got in the way of living out that childhood dream. But art saved her. “During school and college, I fell into the need of being […]


FREEDOM-LOVING NFT ARTIST “FREEDOM is what I like best about the NFT space.” “I can do what I want, when I want. No limits!” That is PeterArt18, a digital abstract artist from Ukraine. With a background in engineering, Peter never considered himself an artist. His journey into the NFT space began in the wake of […]

Maya Shay

CELEBRATING A MASTER OF NFT ART “I’ve learned so much on this space, Web3, the community, and blockchains, and I truly believe this is the future!” “I paint human emotions and feelings in various conditions depicted mostly by portraits,” Maya Shay, an Israeli artist, shares her inspiration. “I want the viewers to understand the characters’ […]


EMBRACING LIFE-CHANGING EMOTIONS THROUGH ART “Believe in yourself and accept the journey of growth and development as an artist.” Monika is a German-born and raised artist who’s lived and worked abroad for the first ten years of her professional life. Her exposure to different cultures, languages, and surroundings has deeply influenced her art, which inspires […]


A Timestamp of Emotions “I rely heavily on gut instinct and emotion in my work. Embrace the present, let yourself be carried along, and see where life leads you.” ‘Organica’ is an imaginary world created by Greek 3d abstract organic artist, Onyro. This world is intended to become an experiential destination within the Metaverse. Onyro […]


EXPLORING THE ARTISTIC DEPTHS OF NFT ARTIST “Just make the work that you want to make, do the work that makes you feel something, and if you’re proud of it, that’s all that matters.” Jake Andrew, an NFT artist from Norwich, UK, has significantly impacted the web3 space since he joined in December 2020. His […]


COLOR FIELDS OF DREAMS “The NFT movement is a significant moment in art history.” Crow’s artworks are unique – and that’s saying a lot for the digital art space. He’s an abstract artist based in Orlando, Florida. His art is initiated around a process of creating color fields using non-conventional materials, including lights, scanners, mirrors, […]

Echo Pau

Create with Passion Echo Pau is a talented NFT artist known for her unique style of abstract painting. Her works showcase a distinct blend of colors, textures, and shapes that leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Pau’s paintings are a reflection of her creative energy and passion for art. She draws inspiration from her […]

Another Sigma

THE ONE-MAN SHOW “One collector even traveled from another country to come and meet me. I thought that was really nice. These are really wonderful connections to have.” Another Sigma is swiftly making a name for himself as an abstract artist, curator, and community leader. While he was growing up, Sigma was always surrounded by […]


EXPRESSIVE ABSTRACTION “I’ve learned from NFTs that no matter what country or environment you grow up in, we all share the same sense of beauty.” Since A Mashiro jumped into the NFT space in September 2021, he’s left many collectors, fellow artists and people spellbound by his style. Born and raised in Japan, A Mashiro […]


WHAT’S IN A NAME “I love collecting and think it is a good way to give back to the community.” Stefan Mathez, better known as toomuchlag, is a passionate creator with a Swiss-Italian heritage. After pursuing a law degree and deciding it wasn’t his calling, toomuchlag got into 3D animation and fell in love with […]


A LIFELONG DIGITAL LOVE “I know this is probably inevitable, but I’d like to see a community that cares more about art rather than chasing hype.” Idil Dursun is a digital artist from Ankara, Turkey, with a deep passion and love for art. “I don’t remember exactly when I became interested in art for the […]

Dangiuz | Leopoldo D’Angelo

THE DEMOCRATIZATION OF ART “The market is changing. What I love is that NFT technology allows us to democratize art. Five years ago, digital artists were considered purely for someone else’s project. Now the artist can pursue creative freedom and make whatever they want and see and be appreciated for that.” Starting in Microsoft Paint, […]

White Lights

THE MUSIC MAN “I want music incorporated into digital art to make sense. Music NFTs have not had their moment of glory yet, and I really hope they get one.” White Lights creates perplexing digital art focused extensively on procedural generation and conceptual 3D visuals. Music and art have always been fundamental to White Lights’ […]


AUTOMATISM “Being part of a supportive, robust community can open many doors for an artist.” NFTs have allowed Yazid to embrace his artistic identity fully. Yazid has always been interested in art and technology, having dabbled in Flash as a teenager. Upon completing high school, while he wanted to pursue graphic design, he realized that […]


Coding the Future of Art “Before NFTs, I was feeling hopeless and wondering how I could sell my digital work. So, it was a very natural fit. Everything worked together. I love working with code because there’s something poetic about it and the way it makes me feel closer to the machines.” Based in Brazil, […]

Marcel Schwittlick

ONE OF A KIND “Each piece, which takes nine hours to complete using wax crayon, represents the trajectory of his life and was started during the pandemic.” Marcel Schwittlick is carving a niche for himself in the NFT art world and fuses old and new in his digital generative pieces. Since studying computer science and […]


A PREMIER GENERATIVE ART PLATFORM “The goal is to get rid of all the hurdles that keep artists from sharing their art.” fxhash is an open platform for creators and collectors of generative art on the Tezos blockchain. Like never before, generative artists can mint code-based artworks with ease of access, which is unparalleled by […]


PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF ART AND TECHNOLOGY “I examine computer simulations and visualizations and how they shape our understanding of the physical world.” Blurring the line between art, technology, and reality, FAR’s (a.k.a. @0xfar) background in engineering, design, and art brings their artwork a unique perspective on the world of NFT art. “I’m an artist […]

Devi Parikh

INSPIRATION FOR EXPRESSION “Part of my work is on developing AI that can enhance human creativity – give people new tools for creative expression.” Devi Parikh is an AI researcher and a generative artist based in San Francisco. She’s always had a passion for creative expression; from a young age, she was drawn to the […]

Alexis André

FOR THE LOVE OF THE ART COMMUNITY “It is the love of this community. This art resonates deeply with the web3, blockchain and crypto community: they get that this system and idea of where code is creating art and that is art in itself.” ”Ph.D. in code wizardry and pixel-pushing sorcery.” That’s how MacTuitui describes […]


LIFE GOES BY IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE “MindWanders has tried to create conceptual work by incorporating elements that have meaning and tell a story.” Art is powerful. Expressions of emotions and experiences represented in a graphic, visual medium can move people, cities, countries, and populations. MindWanders (a.k.a. Connor Muskett) is a 23-year-old artist […]

Ayla El-Moussa

QUEEN OF WAVES “There’s this beautiful parallel between mother nature and the female body. So, that’s something I try to highlight in an elegant way.” From collaborating with Playboy to featuring in Christie’s web3 exhibit, Ayla El-Moussa’s journey to becoming a digital artist has been written in the stars. “I started creating digital art in […]

Tzion Essel

ETERNAL FLAMES FOR NFTS “I believe that the community aspect of NFTs is what will keep the space alive and thriving.” Fine art black and white photographer extraordinaire Tzion Essel (@ziotakes) is well-traveled, well-versed in photography, and well-adjusted in the Metaverse. Primarily posting on Instagram previously, Tzion ventured into the Twitterverse in March 2021, sharing […]

Tyler’s Journey

SUPER RARE “I had no money in my bank account. Not a single dollar. I knew I needed to get onto NFT platforms. I just had no money and no way to do that.” Tyler’s Journey is an exceedingly talented street photographer from Toronto, Canada, with a unique entry to NFTs and the web3 space. […]

Shane Lavalette

Artist and Founder of Pioneering Photography Platform, Assembly Curated Web3 has presented the perfect opportunity to be a part of a large community that really uplifts each other. Shane Lavalette is a renowned photographer and the Founding Director of Assembly Curated. Shane first developed an interest in Ethereum and smart contracts in 2017, and it […]

Samantha Cavet

ETERNAL FLAMES FOR NFTS Taking out my camera and shooting almost all day when the pandemic finished. That’s when my serious obsession with photography started. It was like a very natural and organic process for me. Samantha Cavet’s photography portrays the human abyss, solitude and melancholy feelings, and dreamy pictorial landscapes. Paintings, films, and music […]

Ryan Koopmans

THE WILD WITHIN During that portfolio-making process, I realized that the camera actually enabled me and opened doors to a kind of lifestyle, which I figured being an architect and going through the actual architecture training would not allow. Looking at one of Ryan Koopmans’ photos is like stepping into a surreal landscape in another […]


A STORY OF LOVE AND COLLABORATION Upon the artist in the NFT space, Rockruna believes that transparency, honesty, and respect are among the most pivotal. Rockruna creates entrancing fantasy images through photo manipulation. Her work is exceedingly intricate, with one art piece often consisting of as many as 80 different images. With her genesis drop […]

Reza Nia

CAPTURING UNIQUENESS AND BEAUTY “NFT provides artists with the opportunity to present their work and find their audience easily, while this space can also support artists financially and make them more focused on creating.” Mohammadreza Rezania, a.k.a. Reza Nia, is a self-taught photographer from Iran. He has made a name for himself in the NFT […]

Reuben Wu

THE SHAPES OF MY ART “I really just collect art that I love. When I buy a piece, I don’t think about its resale value.” A multifaceted creative versed in photography, video, and music, Reuben Wu’s mesmeric works of art tell riveting stories about our world. Growing up in England, Reuben remembers fawning over the […]

Peter Molick (pixel pete)

A HEART FOR ART “His genesis drop, ‘Terraform #1,’ is a mesmeric representation of the relationship between the physical world and how it is perceived in a digital space.” Peter Molick, known in blockchain circles by his moniker pixelpete, is a man of many talents. A consummate photographer, he is also an ardent collector, artist […]


COMMUNITY SPIRIT “All formats, styles, techniques, and technologies are on the table; why restrict oneself?” Lollerskates has lived in both Northern and Southern California and an equal portion of his life in various parts of Sweden. He has formal degrees in both film and studio arts. However, photography is his main visual interest, using a […]

Julia Sky

‘DRIFTIN’: AN ARTISTIC JOURNEY DEFINED BY NFTS “The layers of this piece were made out of spontaneity and opened a lot of opportunities. Chicago-based NFT artist Julia Sky creates mesmerizing digital art, combining photography, animation, and music. Born in the former Soviet Union and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, she has always been adaptable […]

Peyman Naderi

Leading Photography into the Future “I’m an artist who works for art and it is important for me to raise the knowledge of people.” “Forget selling; think more about presenting your art, and then you’ll see how collectors flock to your work.” These are wise words from multiple award-winning fine art and portrait photographer Peyman […]

Nathan Beer

THE CAMERA MAN “Art for the love of art. Photos for the love of photography.” Before entering the world of NFTs, Nathan Beer had been working as a photographer, filmmaker, and writer in various industries, such as music, food, and neuroscience. Thanks to his dad and grandfathers, storytelling has been etched into Nathan’s DNA and […]

John Knopf

THE SURREAL BEAUTY OF LANDSCAPES “He was given his first camera at the age of four and has been chasing waterfalls, sunsets, and epic landscapes since.” “I picked up a camera and just was like, ‘I would rather just be homeless and chasing photography for the rest of my life.’” That was when John Knopf […]


Immersive Experience with “I think the beautiful thing about this is that we get to innovate, push boundaries, work with unbelievable artists and evolve with a growing community.” Beets is an old hand at pushing creative boundaries. An award-winning Australian filmmaker, Beets’s entry into the NFT space was driven by a profound purpose: to generate […]

Matthew Cherrie

CHERRIE ON TOP “To become the TIMEPieces Person of the Year (which is their equivalent to TIME Person of the Year), it was just amazing.” Matthew Cherrie’s striking photographs have captured the interest of some of the biggest names on the blockchain – and with very good reason. He is a self-taught artist and web3 […]

Loki Highlock

Of Fog and Fen “Web3 technology is interesting because it’s like being in the era of the artists that have control over our own futures. It’s what we put into it is what we get out of it.” Five years ago, Loki Highlock bought his first DSLR camera and started learning about the intricacies of […]

Kristopher Shinn

A Timeless Craft “As an artist in the NFT space, I’ve been very lucky to have a fair amount of success. I’m so grateful.” Kristopher Shinn is a photographer living in Seattle, Washington, but is based in web3. He’s gone full degen – and the space is all the better for his incredible art and […]

Jordan Inglee

Studies of Nature Based in Portland, Oregon, Jordan Inglee’s backyard is the Pacific Northwest. “Being surrounded by inspiring landscapes has driven me to connect more with the natural world and shaped my style of wilderness photography.” He joined the NFT space in January 2021 after a good friend, who’d been involved in the crypto space […]


ANALOG NATIVE GOES DIGITAL Photographer Jordan Banks described himself as an early analog nomad, long before digital nomads were a thing. In his early days as a travel photographer, with commissions from tourist boards and PR agencies, and later as he began to make a name for himself, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Conde Nast, and […]

Joost Rutten

SELF-PORTRAITURE FOR THE WORLD “According to Joost, some of the best aspects of the NFT space are its accessibility, sense of community, and ability to monetize artwork.” Joost Rutten is a 17-year-old conceptual photographer who fell in love with the art form after getting a camera in 2021 after being inspired by artists on Twitter. […]


FINDING BALANCE IN THE DIGITAL SPACE “I’m still trying to figure out how to do everything. It’s just life.” Photography has been a passion for Jen Caywood throughout her life. She took up photography during college while studying medicine. It fueled her travel lust – and she quit college to dive deep into travel photography. […]


CHASING SYNCHRONICITY “Blown away by the innovative tech, world-class contemporary art, and meeting like-minded rebels and creatives from all over the world.” WildAlps’s spellbinding artwork catalyzes self-empowerment. She explains that her creative process focuses on connecting with universal forces to send out visual impulses of transformation to manifest world freedom. In her personal healing process, […]

Connor Grasso

THE EXPLORER WHO CAPTURES “By the time I was 17 years old, I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” The work of 24-year-old Alaskan psychoconceptualist artist Connor Grasso is mind-blowing. His photographic techniques look surreal. Be entranced by his art too! Connor grew up in rural […]

Cath Simard

ADVENTURES IN PHOTOGRAPHY “I collect little fragments of reality to make it my own.” Cath Simard worked as a model, fashion stylist, and art director before making a complete life change, moving to Australia for two years and then to the Canadian Rockies. Down Under, she picked bananas while taking photographs whenever she could. It […]


IT’S ALL ABOUT TOGETHERNESS AND COMMUNITY Burnasso wants to make space a better place. His daily GM tweets are inspiring, positive, motivating – and thought-provoking. Inspiring people, creating and gathering art, and immersing yourself in crypto, NFTs, and blockchain technology go hand-in-hand for Burnasso. He started investing in Bitcoin in 2017. In 2021, he discovered […]


FREEDOM OF DISCOVERY – FREEDOM FROM STRUGGLE “Brittany realized that NFTs are a way for un- and underserved people to generate wealth. She onboarded 60 black women, who have gone on to sell their art and create revenue streams.” Brittany Pierre is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer based in Chicago, IL. Her passion is to […]

Ben Strauss

OF ACTORS AND MUSICIANS “Tirelessly honing his skills for many years paid off, earning him features from the likes of Earthpix, National Geographic, Discovery, and Canon USA.” Ben Strauss developed a keen interest in photography while he was still knee-high to a grasshopper. Tirelessly honing his skills for many years paid off, earning him features […]


A VISION FOR CREATIVE FREEDOM “It would be counterintuitive for me to put limitations on myself when I do not yet know what I am capable of.” An age-old adage reads that a picture is worth a thousand words. At just 19 years of age, Ben Skaar’s immersive artwork is worth that and a million […]

Austin Visual

The Photographer “I just didn’t think I could sell photos as NFTs. Then over the next couple of months, I started to see a lot of people in the photo community gravitate towards the NFT space, and it caught my eye. By mid-2022, I was a full-time NFT artist.” Born and raised on the outskirts […]


WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD Angelica Ramirez has been blazing a trail for women in the photography and NFT space since she was first introduced to it by friends in 2021. A super sceptic at first, Angelica soon realized its potential as a market for her work and sold her very first piece within hours […]


A DARK PLACE “Art should be art, regardless of the medium or the space it is created, traded, or displayed in.” Skilux’s art haunts… and heals. Incredibly evocative, devoid of a formal art qualification despite a stint at graphic design school, he spent much of his time dabbling in eSports and creating cover art for […]

Sam Spratt

NOBLE INTENTIONS ”I am trying, bit by bit, to bring back my findings from the rawest moments I live, where I really feel life. In all of its earnestness, all of its emotion, and in the attempt.” Sam Spratt’s first attempt at art was painting brown paper bags for a college assignment. “It was the […]

Max Kulchinsky

MASTER OF EXHIBITIONS “I am here to bring more attention and care to art in the crypto space. I think this is so important, and it is the driving force behind the culture. In the end, it is all about the art, the people who create it, and the friends we made along the way.” […]


KARISMA, CREATIVITY, AND COLLABORATION “You need to go into your direction, and you need to love your craft and your mind and feed your brain with the things you like.” Karisma’s work can be described as dark and expressive, burgeoning emotion out of the viewer and offering an intimate part of his soul through his […]


BREAKING THE BLOCKCHAIN Classical art in contemporary settings such as SuperRare seems to be a juxtaposition or a contradiction of intentions. For Azerbaijani artist Zhuk, her mission is precisely that: breaking glass ceilings for art with art. “I would like my paintings to speak about me instead of me because each has its own mood, […]

Reece Swanepoel

Exploring Human Emotion “For the first time since the Medici family decided to give commissions, artists have a real chance at having a good life and providing for a family. So many incredibly talented artists have struggled their whole lives financially because they didn’t fit the current gallery trends. With NFTs, artists finally have a […]


ARTISTIC INDEPENDENCE WITH A PASSION FOR STORYTELLING Born and raised in Brazil, Thales Machado, a.k.a. omentejovem, is a digital artist with a vision to share his stories and perspectives through his vibrant art. With a background in design, omentejovem discovered the world of NFTs when he saw fellow Brazilian artist Etiene Crauss selling his digital […]


ANATOMY OF AN ARTIST “It’s only up from here, I can’t wait to show the world what’s possible.” Although his name is deeply rooted in ancient history, Mediolanum’s art stands in stark contrast to it: vivid, relevant, contemporary. It portrays universal concepts and the inherent complexity of humanity in a mesmeric manner. Having curiosity for […]

Loïs Voirol

ONLY THE BEGINNING FOR “We all share the same vision for the future of art, and it creates an unstoppable energy in the community. Art wins every time.” “I don’t know what else I would be doing right now if I wasn’t doing this. I’ve been surrounded by art all my life: my dad is […]


THE POWER OF ART TO TRANSFORM “Linda’s mission is to empower and enable other African artists and marginalized people to contribute to the digital world meaningfully.” Linda Dounia is a trailblazer. Born and raised in Senegal, she is an incredibly talented artist and curator who uses her platform to decolonize art and design. Her practice […]


BREAKING BARRIERS “I think NFTs are the first time I really felt like a renaissance of what is happening in today’s really mainstream, commodified society to where being a punk and being a rebel is finally an option again.” Jacqueline Choe, better known by her handle Jisu, is an incredibly talented Korean-American digital artist who […]

Jeremy Booth

ART SAVED ME “Artwork allowed me to distr act myself during a difficult time in my life and find my voice.” Many know Jeremy Booth for his distinct and unique style in Western-themed artistry. His shadows, detail, and ability to create vivid, cinematic scenes has captivated art collectors and cemented him as a leading creator […]

Etiene Crauss

BUILDING BRIDGES OVER THE BLOCKCHAIN “I feel that most artists are trying to help each other grow and that there is a sense of camaraderie among them. “I’m from a small town in the interior of Brazil and felt like a recluse,” digital artist Etiene Crauss says. “I knew there was a world to explore […]


ART NEVER EXPIRES “It’s really great to give something back to people who support me.” From the age of 13, Bruno Urli studied and absorbed the photography that he saw on Instagram. His own love of the medium was fostered by his father, who gave him his first camera. YouTube provided a space for Bruno […]


FINE LINES AND HEAVY STROKES “Just be open to speaking to a lot of people. Be the person who reaches out and speaks to people. Not even just about NFTs but just to see how they are doing.” A first-generation Barbadian American, Bhare first channeled his creativity into a different sphere: culinary school. When a […]


LEADING WOMEN IN WEB3 “I made a memorial for them, and that kickstarted really largescale works about the nature of war, causes of women in certain societies. Things that never sat right with me” Before entering web3 in January 2021, ARTJEDI1 (a.k.a Béa Kayani), a British contemporary artist, already had 13 years of committed and […]


RISING UP FROM DOWN UNDER “It makes you feel like you’re doing more than just making a sale. It’s as though they’re investing in a personal relationship with you after purchasing something you’ve created.” The world of NFT art is ever-evolving, and with the emergence of new artists, it is becoming an increasingly competitive space. […]

Super Dope

CRAFTING A UNIQUE BRAND OF WEIRD “The crew is unashamedly obsessed with what they do, deriving great pleasure from creating upmarket animations that appeal to even the most fastidious of audiences.” In a world often filled with stark blacks and whites, Super Dope is an effervescent sprinkling of unicorn dust. A Portland-based creative collective, the […]


LAYERS OF LOVE Loulan Weu is an Interior Architect from Thailand, passionate about drawing colorfully detailed fantasy animation scenes related to architecture. She joined the NFT space in late 2021 to share her art and express her creativity. Since minting her first artwork on the blockchain, her art has bloomed in popularity. She’s won a […]


INTELLECTUAL ITALIAN DIGITAL INKINGS “An NFT artist helps other artists by trying to grow the whole movement.” “I have been making art for as long as I can remember, but only three years ago was I able to devote myself 100% to my art career.” That’s the web3 story for many NFT and digital artists. […]


STOP LOOK LOVE “I think mostly in pictures, so when I hear music, I’m automatically translating the sounds/lyrics into visuals.” Diane Lindo is a self-taught, full-time stop-motion animation artist based in Hamilton, Canada. She has been creating unique and captivating mixed media art for several years and has recently entered the NFT space with her […]

Other World

DARK ART WITH BRIGHT COLORS “I’m going to keep working in the crypto space and the web3 ecosystem for as long as I can.” ”Dark Art with Bright Colors” With that, Other World has taken over the NFT world, and in return, it has embraced this fantastically talented artist. He straddles two worlds – art […]


DISORDER ON THE BLOCKCHAIN “The variety of people I’ve talked with all have unique vibes that inspire and motivate me. Watch this space!” Taccc might be a new face in the NFT space, but he’s already left an impressionable mark on the culture and art. This digital artist, based in Santiago, Chile, focuses on glitch […]


A JOURNEY OF ART AND EMOTION “Patience is the key.” Amin, better known in the NFT world as “spellamin” or “spell,” is a self-taught graphic designer from India currently living in Abu Dhabi (in the UAE). Amin was inspired by his father’s early paintings and decided to pursue his passion for art by becoming a […]

Sky Goodman

THE SKY’S THE LIMIT “Immersing themself in glitch art, Sky found a home in the Glitch Artists Collective, learning and creating prior to officially entering the NFT space, via Tezos, in May 2021.” Sky Goodman is a trailblazing poet, performer, and digital artist known for their psychedelic imagery. Art has been a life-long endeavor for […]


ART IS SCAM “My intention never was to make a project and be cash grabby about it. I just actually want to be someone that’s putting out one-of-one art.” Scamart is a full-time physician – specifically a hematologist oncologist. From the medical world to that of NFTs, crypto and web3, it isn’t as far a […]

King Xerox

KING OF GLITCH ART “The medium is of little importance; what matters most is the message you convey via your work and that your voice is being expressed and heard.” King Xerox rules over the demons and degens of web3. It wasn’t always that way. “I’m a drawing junkie; I’ve been drawing since the age […]

Jon Cates

CONVERSATIONS WITH A GLITCH ART OG Trippy visuals, main characters, and unfathomable data-bending techniques are signatures of Jon Cates’ work. From growing up in the broken heartlands of the USA to residing in the concrete jungle of Taiwan, he pioneers a new wave of digital art. Regarded by the School of the Art Institute of […]


THE HEART AND SOUL OF JAKNFT “JakNFT is more than just an NFT artist; he is the heart and soul of the NFT space.” “Art, the Frens, the Freedom, the Mfers and the Memes” – JakNFT is an NFT artist like no other and has captured the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts with his unique […]

Dom Barra

LONG LIVE THE GLITCH “We have an obligation to build a sustainable, healthy environment for the generations to come. We are the pioneers – with great opportunities come great responsibilities.” From a scanner and a photocopier, to a computer, mobile phone, and access to the internet, Dom Barra has engaged with technology creatively since he […]


BRINGING WOMEN’S RIGHTS TO THE FOREFRONT “My art represents strong women and highlights my personal journey of healing since leaving Iran behind.” Roya Ghassemi, better known as R0yart in the NFT community, is an artist who’s made a name for herself in the web3 space through her stunning and thought-provoking art. She captures the essence […]

Ashe Oro

PRINTING PEPE “We wanted to link the digital rareness of PEPETSHIRT with physical merch and ended up creating the first NFT with utility; the first NFT redeemable for physical merch.” In mid-2016 a team was formed which included Ashe Oro, GusGrillasca, and Lord Kekomoshi with the goal of creating the first utility NFT for the […]


SEALED WITH A KISS “As an artist, it is also natural to want to give back to your peers; one way to do this is by buying their art.” From birth, xkiss’s destiny was blatantly clear: to make the world a better place with his art. Born into a creative family, he was always surrounded […]


EMBRACE NEW PARADIGMS “With their visionary approach and thought-provoking pieces, Wintermute continues to captivate audiences and inspire a new generation of artists to explore the intersection of memes, cinematic aesthetics, and cultural commentary.” Wintermute has emerged as a groundbreaking artist, masterfully blending elements of memes, cinematic movie posters, and cultural commentary. Their work represents a […]


FROM INDONESIA WITH LOVE “My goal as an NFT artist is to create work that connects with people on a deep, emotional level and to bring joy and inspiration to their lives.” From Indonesia, with love: Uyo66 is a talented NFT artist known for captivating and playful creations filled with bold color, character, and humor. […]


I DRAW LINES Tim Maxwell creates highly distinctive drawings in the NFT space. His drawings are a confluence of orchestrated lines. Some works take up to 200 hours to complete. The results are awe-inspiring and at times disorienting, an unusual yet seamless fit for the blockchain. “I try to create these environments that emulate a […]


SUMMER BLUES AND SUMMER HUES “Creating art that brings together the past, present, and future in a unique way.” SummerBluess is an NFT artist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, passionate about exploring the art world. Born and raised in this small town, SummerBluess met fellow artists who introduced them to the exciting world of art. His artwork […]


COLLAGES & COMMUNITIES Stacks is 23 years old and a little bit of a techno-shy. That’s not an insult against this Los Angeleno artist, but rather rocks the stereotype of Gen Zs in the web3 space. Instead, Stacks is an artist that’s passionate about creating and sharing his art with the world. The blockchain and […]

Rick Crane

THE SHAPE SHIFTER “Self-promotion is an important aspect of this because the blockchain is a very noisy space.” Rick Crane creates colorful artworks that stun audiences and mesmerizes collectors. Trained as a graphic designer, Rick designed t-shirts and sold art prints before venturing into the NFT space. Dabbling in crypto before becoming an NFT artist […]

Richard Nadler

Bringing the Beauty of Japan to the NFT Space “The NFT space allows artists to create and sell digital artwork in a way that was not previously possible, opening up new opportunities for artists to reach audiences and monetize their work.” Richard Nadler, the talented NFT artist from Bavaria, has captivated audiences with his stunning […]

Rebecca Rose

COLLAGING FULL CIRCLE Rebecca Rose is a collage artist who has revolutionized her craft, using digital solutions to tackle the challenges posed by the nature of her work for years. Starting in her youth with traditional analog collage, she quickly ventured into digital collage in 1998 during her BFA. She then pushed the boundaries further […]

Rare Scrilla

BITCOIN ARTIST “This is how I look at crypto art. It’s supposed to be like breaking the rules. It’s supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be like figuring out what we are.” “I think I was one of the first believers in the creator economy for crypto art and music,” proclaims Rare Scrilla, a […]

Vidhu Raghavan

MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE “I get inspired by Mother Nature, the universe, our planets, the cosmos, and the galaxies.” Vidhu Raghavan creates spellbinding art pieces that often depict the fragile consciousness of our universe. Born and raised in Dubai, Vidhu initially pursued an engineering degree. He changed career paths several times, initially first working in […]


MOVING ART, MOVING BOUNDARIES “Although web3 still has a considerable way to go regarding diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility, Tjo remains hopeful that, through education and effort, it will become a safe space for people from all walks of life.” Tjo embarked on his creative journey with his dad’s old camera in his hand. However, it […]


Artist & KiKi’s Rise “Web3 is wild. It has changed my life completely.” “A year and a half ago, if you had asked me what my life would have been today, I can assure you it would not be what it is today. Web3 is wild. It has changed my life completely.” The power of […]


EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN SurrealSerpentine’s creations are cinematic in their creative breadth. Deep, powerful, psychedelic: his visual style is mesmerizing. It belongs on the Big Screen. “Growing up in a Muslim household, the idea of god/higher beings forged a strong curiosity about my existence, its key driving force behind my exploration of the unknown,” shares Surreal […]

Space Case

Multi-Dimensional Love “There is absolutely no shortage of incredible art being made by artists who are not white males. We need to uplift those artists and highlight their work. I really want to see this shift in the NFT space, and I know I’m not alone.” Space Case (a.k.a. ADHD) became enamored with art at […]


CLOUDS ABOVE OUR HEADS “When some random person across the sea or around the globe connects and resonates with the work to the thing the artist is going through, that’s just beautiful.” soulosaint floats above our heads in the clouds. His artwork is a journey into his mind. Born in Yuba City, California, Gursahil Sohal […]


ALL-SEEING EYE IInsanely popular. Insanely talented. The lead artist behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club remains largely anonymous, but she helped propel NFTs into the mainstream consciousness with her illustrations of a bored chimpanzee. Seneca is a digital artist first and foremost – and her one illustration does not define her. This Asian-American’s story began […]


THE RUGMAKER “I think it is especially important to make the space (and the information about it) more accessible to older individuals and people from minority groups.” Rhys Goddard makes resplendent rugs. And NFTs of rugs. Growing up, Rhys constantly sought new ways to quench his creative thirst. Although illustration served him well, Rhys could […]


WELCOME TO THE DEGENAISSANCE! Rata Yonqui is the Rat King and leader of the #RatLegion in the NFT space and blockchain. He’s kickstarted a revolution with the world’s first cultural currency. “I come from the Pirate Republic of Colombia, and I bet that influences my creations a lot.” His collection on OpenSea – The Degenaissance […]


SHADES OF RED “Growing up as a mixed-race child and living in a third world country has shaped me and made me the artist I am today.” RAM, a.k.a Ahmed Ramirez, is half Pakistani and half Filipino and grew up in Punjab, Pakistan. His family then moved to the UAE, and then settled in Toronto, […]


EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN “Ever since a kid, I found myself having really intense dreams. I used to be terrified of them – and recently, I decided to start writing them down in a dream journal and recreating what I could remember on a digital canvas.” A significant aspect of Pho’s artwork centers around exploring the […]


… on merging the old and the new with NFT art “Somewhere in my collections, in my work, it’s a real dream and a nostalgic feeling. That’s how I always feel about my art. Mostly, I start work with my feelings, not the ideas.” Pixelord has always been an artist. His journey at art school […]


MEET THE NEOWHATEVERIST “I’m pretty invested in this space now, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.” Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Ozbren is a 24-year-old artist residing in Thailand. Having studied English Literature at university, becoming a digital artist wasn’t in the pipeline. However, it’s been a passion since an early age. […]


Irony and Inquiry “I’ve always placed a premium on aesthetic experience; therefore I’ve always made time for art and creative pursuits.” Ox3y3 has spent his entire life as a creator, builder, entrepreneur, and self-described “nerd.” Over the past two years, he has devoted himself to web3 – full degen – to foster the growth of […]

Or Yogev

CHANGING THE DIGITAL GAME “When people discover that your digital art is the product, you will finally receive the recognition you deserve as a digital painter, sculptor, or animator.” ”Being a creative person has always been my ultimate goal.” Or Yogev’s artwork is also incredibly inspiring. Israel, his home, has been his most significant source […]


Nishant CURATING THE COOL “I could never follow a trend or try to appease somebody because that’s not what art is like as an artist. I’m supposed to tell them what’s cool. I’m the one that’s curating the cool.” ”I push the boundaries of art; I have my own style and push my aesthetic. I […]


15-YEAR-OLD ARTIST WITH A DREAM “NFTs are really cool because they allow artists to experiment with lots of different styles, mediums, and techniques. It’s a great way to push the boundaries and explore new ideas.” ALEVI IS A YOUNG AND TALENTED NFT ARTIST WHO HAS BEEN MAKING WAVES IN THE WEB3 COMMUNITY WITH THEIR INNOVATIVE […]

Matthias Fischer

Matthias Fischer THE MINDFUL FATHER As the sun set on 2021, a new interest dawned on Matthias Fischer. It was December, and the world was still grappling with the pandemic. Meanwhile, an online article about NFTs caught his attention, sparking a curiosity that would lead him down a rabbit hole. Within weeks, he was buying […]


THE FUTURE OF COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT “Props to them (Curio DAO); there are some die-hard people that are in there every day, bringing in new people and creating engagement, doing a lot of activities. We never would’ve gotten where we are without their support.” The name ‘Max Infeld’ is all but guaranteed a spot in the […]


UNWAVERING PASSION “His impressive body of work serves as a testament to the boundless potential of crypto art to inspire and captivate audiences.” Jules is a true artist at heart, and his unwavering passion for his craft has led him on a journey of discovery and creative exploration. With over a decade of experience working […]


STAY TRUE TO YOUR ART “These days I’ve started making bigger, more sophisticated, and wellthought-out pieces, experimenting with other techniques, animating my works, and participating in projects I could only dream about.” Kitasavi is a multi-talented artist and director creating powerful digital art for the blockchain. For these dramatic and captivating artworks, Kitasavi incorporates elements […]

Jessica Wild Child

Painting Nifties Jessica Wild Child is a happy hippie painting ‘nifties’ for a living. She discovered the crypto space in 2021 and fell down the NFT rabbit hole. Now she’s making art that spreads love across the blockchain – and IRL. “ I became obsessed with the space when I learned about the empowerment NFTs […]


THE FUSION OF TRADITIONAL AND CRYPTO ART “I think that AI, 3D Worlds and Blockchain (NFTs) – are the main pillars of the digital world, and will continue evolving our society.” Gordon Berger is a pioneer of the Crypto Art movement. Since late 2011 he has been exploring the use of blockchain as a medium […]


THE ELEGANCE OF DIGITAL ART “It was a new moment when I finally felt like I enjoyed what I was doing, and from there, I just started making things.” When looking at UK-based Gary Cartlidge’s art, you’ll be struck by its grittiness and exquisite refinement. “I used to be a street artist, but now I’m […]

Dr. $uss

PAGING “Truthfully, I don’t call them collectors: they’re my patients, $AINT$, fellow Memelitia Members, Bong Rippers, and more.” “I was born and raised in Denstantinople, a smowl neighboring country to Kekistan,” Dr. $uss shares. “My country is home to some of the most bright thinkers, innovators, artists, memeticians, and defenders of freedom to ever grace […]

Mark Wilson

DIE WITH THE MOST LIKES DECAY AND DEPRAVITY “diewiththemostlikes is a f*ckable energy drink floating in a neglected retention pond outside a strip mall in a hometown you’ll never leave. Create nothing. Consume everything.” That’s how Mark Wilson – a.k.a. diewiththemostlikes describes his art and creativity. He’s a chronicler of the life of Mid-America culture […]

Terrell Jones

THE BIRTH OF MARGRET “For as long as he is able to, Terrell will support other artists traveling along a path that is, in many ways, very similar to his own.” Terrell Jones has been besotted with art for as long as he can remember. Attending several shoe design workshops to appease his parents’ request […]