Tayd3rtot A Profile in Passionate Collecting “Thr33som3s is one of the few people in the space that I truly see as a person, a friend.” Tayd3rtot is not your typical art aficionado. A young, vibrant personality, Tayd3rtot’s a rising star in the expansive universe of NFTs. He’s not painting the next masterpiece or sculpting in […]


MAYA DRAISIN “I believe in helping people navigate this change into digital transformation.” The daughter of an Artificial Intelligence scientist, for Maya Draisin, a career in tech seemed destined. Couple this with her family’s artistic background, and it explains why web3, NFTs, and Maya are a match made in heaven. “I really think that how […]


KARSEN DAILY “She is also a collector of art and limited edition art pieces and is adamant that existing art institutions still have a role to play with NFTs.” THERE’S A HINT OF CYNICISM IN KARSEN DAILY’S APPROACH TO WEB3. SHE’S BEEN BURNED, HURT, AND LET DOWN, BUT HER STREET-SMART APPROACH AND NEW BUSINESS-SAVVY PROTECT […]


Yaraspucia BE STRONG “I became fascinated by it; it became a lifeline for me, offering hope during dark times.” Yara Chammaa, a.k.a. Yaraspucia, chose her online handle from the character Raspucia in the movie Norbit. Despite being portrayed as a negative character, she chose this name as a reminder to be strong and bring out […]

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday “I want always to be on the edge, on the frontier. I go where I think communities are interesting. If it’s harder to collect, I like it better.” Collecting NFT art suits Sunday Funday’s personality. IRL, he’s been a collector of many things, so it felt natural that he should find his niche […]