“I examine computer simulations and visualizations and how they shape our understanding of the physical world.”

Blurring the line between art, technology, and reality, FAR’s (a.k.a. @0xfar) background in engineering, design, and art brings their artwork a unique perspective on the world of NFT art.

“I’m an artist and engineer working at the intersection of visual arts and technology,” FAR says. “My research focuses on the material history of computer-generated graphics and the impact of interfaces on the formation of cultural techniques.”

FAR has a unique path to the world of art. After earning a degree in architecture and engineering, they broadened their artistic education by pursuing a Master’s and Ph.D. at Harvard, under post-conceptualist artist Stephen Prina, Krzysztof Wodiczko, and others within MIT. While there, they were heavily influenced by conversations around interdisciplinary technology and design.

FAR’s journey into web3 began in 2015. “I was first introduced to cryptocurrency in 2015, and shortly I joined the thriving Dogecoin community,” they share. In fact, in 2018, I sold a painting for $DOGE. This experience sparked my interest in testing out other forms of art in the blockchain, such as Counterparty. By 2021, I was fully invested in NFTs and exploring the limitless potential of this innovative technology.”

FAR’s artistic process is just as innovative as their use of technology. Their digital imaging approach encompasses historical and conceptual elements, and they aspire to demystify technical processes, while providing philosophical insights into media operations. “I examine computer simulations and visualizations and how they shape our understanding of the physical world,” says FAR. “To achieve this, I explore the impact of film, video games, and virtual worlds, as well as scientific and engineering simulations, on our perception of reality.”

“The best aspect of web3 is the way artists can interact with their collector base and technologists,” FAR says. “I have built strong relationships with my collectors, and we maintain close communication. I appreciate the enthusiasm that is prevalent in this space.”

What FAR has learned from being an NFT artist is the significantly different pace at which the NFT space operates compared to the traditional art world. “I am truly enamored with the messiness of this space and the way network effects come into play. The potential this technology unlocks for creators is absolutely thrilling,” Far says. “I firmly believe that we are only just scratching the surface of what’s possible.”