Matthias Fischer

Matthias Fischer


“His venture into the NFT space is clearly about more than just digital assets—it’s about the potential for the future.”

As the sun set on 2021, a new interest dawned on Matthias Fischer. It was December, and the world was still grappling with the pandemic. Meanwhile, an online article about NFTs caught his attention, sparking a curiosity that would lead him down a rabbit hole. Within weeks, he was buying Ethereum and even minting his first NFT. Now, Matthias has become a believer in the space, technology, and people.

“I’m very interested in the technology,” Matthias says. “Art, music, or videos can be forever preserved on the blockchain, making them impervious to loss — a significant advantage of this technology,” he shares.

Involvement in the NFT space has also been a bonding experience for Matthias and his two sons, Moritz and Fabian. They created a small NFT collection together — a few drawings by his sons turned into NFTs. Matthias sees the potential for his kids’ generation, for whom NFTs and blockchain technology might become as commonplace as the PlayStation is today. He shares, “I’ve shown them the future to inspire them.”

One of Matthias’ prized NFTs is his NFT Yearbook pieces, which he enthusiastically labels as “definitely the most interesting project” he’s encountered in the space.

Despite his fascination, Matthias is well aware of the pitfalls. He’s been scammed but sees these as part of the learning process. His advice to newcomers is straightforward: “Beware of scams. Start with little money.” He also recommends having two different wallets — one for minting and the other as a ‘vault’ for valuable NFTs.

Though he is not a tech expert or a developer, his enthusiasm for NFTs and blockchain technology shines through. “For me, it’s a great period… just fun, interesting, watching, looking at projects,” he says.

And while he doesn’t see himself as an ‘OG’ in the space in the least, he’s excited just participating in this digital revolution, comparing it to the advent of the internet or the telephone. “Just being part of it, that’s enough. That’s fine for me,” he smiles.

In his journey, Matthias has found more than just an interest—he’s found a hobby that bridges the generational gap, a means to inspire his sons, and a community that’s as innovative as it is diverse. For Matthias, his venture into the NFT space is clearly about more than just digital assets—it’s about the potential for the future.

Matthias Fischer