EDOUARD follows the tradition of polymath artists: an electronic music producer since the early days of the French Touch, a solo-exhibited photographer, an art historian, and an engineer and coder.

Initially exploring the world of NFTs as a collector, he realized he could merge his diverse practices within this innovative medium. Transposing his already-established artistic practice, he evolved it to harness the vast possibilities of this highly versatile medium.

1/1 Animated GIF, Ethereum, Series: PIXEL MIRAGES

EDOUARD organized a first-of-its-kind exhibition at NFT Factory Paris in April and June 2023, taking on the dual role of the artist and the curator, where his own artworks stand alongside those of his collection. (view of the exhibition below)

ENTRELACS is a mesmerizing animated piece whose name draws inspiration from the intricate, interwoven curves fragmenting the spatial plane. The work delves deep into the poetic essence of the pixel, unfolding a symphony of fiery hues, reminiscent of an endless volcanic eruption.

While the color scheme may recall the imagery of blazing intensity, the work’s slow and continuous movement imparts a soothing and meditative atmosphere, akin to a lava lamp seen through layers of refraction. This intriguing juxtaposition invites viewers to explore the interplay between contrasting emotions and sensations.

The MARINIERE artworks reimagine the iconic French garment — the white and blue striped garment traditionally worn by sailors. These op-art pieces transform the classic pattern into a pixelated rendition, incorporating layers of curvy stripes reminiscent of ocean waves. These pieces reinvigorate the marinière’s visual language while retaining its nostalgic and reassuring charm.

The CITYSCAPE series of generative artworks re-envisions urban landscapes in a new way. Each piece presents a unique algorithmic transformation, allowing colors to bleed in various ways while the underlying structure remains intact. Some of the works incorporate animation, imbuing the compositions with a lively, dynamic quality. The dreamlike atmosphere, created by a Gerhard Richter-esque blending of colors, conjures up images of rivers, waterfalls, and fading memories, providing a haunting reminder of the fleeting nature of the present moment.

With these captured traces of realities that are forever lost, yet not to be forgotten, the viewer is encouraged to go beyond the spurious impression that the familiar is immutable, and to discover the unseen poetry hidden within the bustling cityscape.