Nishant CURATING THE COOL “I could never follow a trend or try to appease somebody because that’s not what art is like as an artist. I’m supposed to tell them what’s cool. I’m the one that’s curating the cool.” ”I push the boundaries of art; I have my own style and push my aesthetic. I […]

Matthias Fischer

Matthias Fischer THE MINDFUL FATHER As the sun set on 2021, a new interest dawned on Matthias Fischer. It was December, and the world was still grappling with the pandemic. Meanwhile, an online article about NFTs caught his attention, sparking a curiosity that would lead him down a rabbit hole. Within weeks, he was buying […]


ALL SHIPS ”A rising tide raises all ships. We’re an interconnected creative ecosystem, and the ecosystem’s health is much more important than one person’s success. That sentiment builds communities in different directions. That’s the world we call web3.” Dave Krugman’s a crypto artist based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City, and the world is his […]


“The beauty of NFT art is that it enables everyone who has a story to tell to showcase it.” Absolutely Wrong’s journey to becoming one of the most sought-after NFT artists was a mistake waiting to happen. “I was doing a lot of things, but nothing really interested me,” he recalls. “Then not long after […]


THE FUTURE’S FUEL: OPTIMISM AND LOVE Artists have embraced the NFT space. No longer the playground solely of programmers and coders, the blockchain’s made it possible for creatives to xpress themselves in new ways – and monetize their art. NFTs are not solely about money, though. “I’m an energy healer. I move through this space […]