”A rising tide raises all ships. We’re an interconnected creative ecosystem, and the ecosystem’s health is much more important than one person’s success. That sentiment builds communities in different directions. That’s the world we call web3.”

Dave Krugman’s a crypto artist based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City, and the world is his playground. He truly understands web3. It might still be very early in the adoption cycle of web3 in terms of technology, but he believes that artists “have to hop into the ring because this is a place you have to learn through immersion.”

Dave’s journey to web3 started when he was in the third grade, decades ago. He grew up around IT and tech – his dad worked in IT at Boston University. He’s always made his living at the bleeding edge of new technology and network technology layers. “I fell in love with computing and the potential that network can unlock, especially as it relates to art. In the third grade, I already had an intro to community building: chatrooms.”

When he entered high school and college, the network system matured into web2. According to Dave, what web2 did was decentralized publishing for people and artists. He recognized that information systems were undergoing a massive paradigm shift, and he was able to leverage that knowledge into a career in advertising, where he worked for a large advertising agency, building clients’ networks, learning network theory, and how to build creative online communities.

“After COVID-19 hit, I became a freelance marketer and photographer. I saw that web2 hit an iceberg, and it was a sinking ship because attention economies are zero-sum games: you’re constantly competing for the same amount of attention. I started to look around for different models that made more sense. I realized that a lot of our social spaces are purely digital. And if we have purely digital social spaces, we need purely digital social signalling as well. NFTs are the most effective tool for aligning incentives with niche creator economies.”

“I created a new crypto Twitter space for myself and founded a web3 community called ALLSHIPS. My creative community is dedicated to the idea that a rising tide raises all ships. That’s web3.”

Dave’s a legend in the photography space and rules supreme in the digital. “This technology is the most exciting thing to ever happen to artists.”

alternative models, and he realized the importance of purely digital social spaces. In this context, he saw NFTs as powerful tools for aligning incentives in niche creator economies.

Dave founded a web3 community called ALLSHIPS, dedicated to the idea that a rising tide lifts all ships. He believes that web3 technology is a game-changer for artists and is excited about the opportunities it offers.