EDOUARD EDOUARD follows the tradition of polymath artists: an electronic music producer since the early days of the French Touch, a solo-exhibited photographer, an art historian, and an engineer and coder. Initially exploring the world of NFTs as a collector, he realized he could merge his diverse practices within this innovative medium. Transposing his already-established […]


EXPLORING BOUNDARIES OF CREATIVITY “It’s amazing to be part of a group of people who are all working together to create something truly unique and beautiful.” Leafswan is a name quickly gaining recognition in the NFT world. This Netherlands-based 3d artist pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with AI and digital art. Leafswan’s interest in […]


PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF ART AND TECHNOLOGY “I examine computer simulations and visualizations and how they shape our understanding of the physical world.” Blurring the line between art, technology, and reality, FAR’s (a.k.a. @0xfar) background in engineering, design, and art brings their artwork a unique perspective on the world of NFT art. “I’m an artist […]


ALL-SEEING EYE IInsanely popular. Insanely talented. The lead artist behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club remains largely anonymous, but she helped propel NFTs into the mainstream consciousness with her illustrations of a bored chimpanzee. Seneca is a digital artist first and foremost – and her one illustration does not define her. This Asian-American’s story began […]


SHADES OF RED “Growing up as a mixed-race child and living in a third world country has shaped me and made me the artist I am today.” RAM, a.k.a Ahmed Ramirez, is half Pakistani and half Filipino and grew up in Punjab, Pakistan. His family then moved to the UAE, and then settled in Toronto, […]