Our NFT Yearbook Participants

seth goldstein

founder @brtmoments

Location: Venice Beach, Los Angeles


Digital/Sculptress @taleoftales @womanonfire@merveilles.town

Location: Rome, Italy

Jeremy Cowart

Artist / Photographer / Creator of Block Queens / https://t.co/jQzms0l0zq / OpenSea: https://t.co/hSOEQ6rJ9i

Location: Meta

Erin Atkinson

I love technology and NFTs pfp: @KyuYongEom banner: @ilyakazakov

AriGreenberg.eth –

Head of Marketing for Art & NFTs @Samsung | DAOs @fingerprintsdao @prtyDAO @FWBtweets @GrailersDAO | Angel @artblocks_io @GALLERY @floor @joinupstream

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Glitch Western by jonCates https://t.co/zjvvK9P6xJ https://t.co/I1Z6Cq2coi

Location: online

upheaver.eth (,) Paulius Uza

Founder of @foreverlandsxyz and @ArtifactDotArt Engineer, Investor and Collector #NFTs since 2018 1st Lithuanian to mint an #NFT @moonbirds #1357

Location: Greece


Born & raised in Westford, VT. Hartford now. 13 years of writing a Song A Day. @songadaymann@mastodon.social @songadaymann.lens https://t.co/hnT7B9I21j.songadaymann

Location: Hartford


Experimental Artist / Generative Art / () /// Automatism: https://t.co/H0Ie3yKonb /// fxhash: https://t.co/nbZvh8RquX


Painting my tears with colors.NFTs only at https://t.co/R2e57tM7t6

Location: New York

Ev Sloika

Co-founder @sloikaxyz, curated photo NFT marketplace. Founder @500px | Edition Live: https://t.co/FdLdXMlAhV

Location: Toronto

Shira Lazar (she/her) Los Angeles

Emmy nom HostWellness + Web3 Founding member @mybff Founder @whatstrending @peaceinsidelive #investor #advisor | Subscribe to my weekly Web3 newsletter

Location: Los Angeles